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Speaking Matthew


Here are the "speaking the Bible" summaries for Matthew.

Matthew Summaries

The genealogy of Joseph from Abraham. The story of Mary's pregnancy by the Holy Spirit, Jesus' birth in Bethlehem, the angel's warnings in dreams. The magi seeing the star and coming to worship Him. Herod killing all the boys under the age of two trying to kill Jesus. John the Baptist preaching repentance and the kingdom of Heaven is at hand. Jesus' baptism, His 40 days in the wilderness. John taken to prison and Jesus beginning to preach the kingdom of Heaven is at hand. The call of His disciples, and His teaching, preaching, healing throughout Galilee. 

The Sermon on the Mount, more healings, raising from the dead, casting out demons, calming the storm, healing from afar with the centurion's faith. The power to forgive sins demonstrated. Questioning and accusations by the religious leaders regarding His eating with sinners, not following their traditions. He gave His twelve disciples authority and sent them out, instructing them. He warns of the persecution to come, confessing Him before men, taking up their cross, fearing God not man, your enemies will be of your own household.

John questions from prison if He is the one. Jesus sent a word of encouragement as to what He was doing. More accusations. If they would have studied the Scripture He'd given them earlier, they wouldn't be accusing. He's accused of casting out demons by the prince of demons. He speaks in many parables, tells the disciples its given to them to understand the mysteries of the kingdom, but not to the others. John the Baptist beheaded. Jesus feeds the multitudes miraculously, twice. Walking on the water--Peter too. More healing--just by touching the fringe of His garment. More accusations. Healing a non-Jew. 

He asks who people say He is. Who do you say I am? The transfiguration. Prayer/fasting needed to cast out that kind of demon, paying the temple tax. Lessons on humility, forgiveness, confronting a brother's sin, two or three asking in prayer. They came in Jerusalem, crowds cheered, Pharisees jealous, more parables. Religious leaders tested Him--asking questions. He answered and silenced them so they asked Him no more. He allowed children to be brought to Him. He warns of the Pharisee's leaven/teaching. 

More about the last days--trouble, persecution. His coming. Be alert and faithful. More parables about being ready. Working in His kingdom, treating people well, woman with the alabaster vial of oil. The last Passover, His arrest, crucifixion, resurrection. Seeing the Marys and disciples in Galilee. Giving authority to make disciples, baptize and teach.
  • When the kingdom of heaven came, it didn't look like what people were expecting.
  • It came with a call to repentance, a call to bear fruit in keeping with repentance.
  • It came with instruction not to rely on your ancestry to save you.
  • It came with a call to leave all and follow the Messiah, to take up His work, leaving your own behind.
  • The kingdom also came with teaching and healing.
  • It came with crowds, yet instruction to follow Him, not the crowds.
  • Seek to do what's right, not for recognition, monetary gain, revenge, or personal satisfaction.
  • Seek to do what's right because it's right and you will be light for the Father's glory.
  • Seek to judge your heart not justify it.
  • Seek His kingdom and righteousness first. You will not need to worry. The Father will provide. 
  • Jesus lights a new way--the way to the Father.
  • He heals the sick, forgives the sinner, raises the dead, delivers from demons, calms the storm, leads the sheep, feeds and teaches the people.
  • Follow Him through the narrow gate. 
  • Build on the rock. 
  • Bear good fruit.
  • The Law and the prophets prophesied until John the Baptist, and then a violent change occurred in the heavens.
  • Jesus will reveal the Father to those He chooses and invites anyone to come and learn His humble and gentle ways. You'll find rest for your soul.
  • Take up your cross, confess Him before men, fear God over man.
  • You are valuable to Him.
  • See, hear, and receive the Word of God--the seed of the kingdom of Heaven. Make room for it. Sell all and buy it. Treasure it. 
  • You will discern good from evil. God from the enemy. You will see and hear the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven. 
  • You will do the will of the Father--speak good words, bear good fruit, belong to His family.
  • Watch what the Lord is doing and listen to Him. 
  • Pray.
  • Fast.
  • The enemies of the Father will scheme and accuse, but ultimately the will of the Father will be done.
  • Give them nothing to make accusations stand.
  • Take up your cross and follow Him.
  • Build on the rock.
  • He's giving keys to the kingdom of heaven.
  • Have faith and nothing will be impossible.
  • It's not the amount of faith. You either have it or you don't.
  • He who wishes to be great in the kingdom of heaven, let him be servant of all.
  • Let humility, forgiveness, generosity and service flow from your heart in sincerity.
  • Let husbands and wives remain loyal and faithful.
  • Let children be welcomed and taught His ways.
  • Confront a brother in sin.
  • Ask in prayer agreeing.
  • The Lord is in your midst when you gather in His name.
  • Don't fight against and don't reject the authority of God.
  • Recognize and accept what He's doing.
  • Be clothed in righteousness and do the work of His vineyard, His kingdom.
  • Beware of the enemy's traps and debates.
  • Plant and cultivate His Word within you and answer all things by His Spirit of wisdom and truth.
  • There are those who appear righteous outwardly, but have no life and righteousness inwardly.
  • Don't be misled.
  • False Christs and false prophets will arise. They will even show great signs and convincing arguments to try and deceive the chosen.
  • He who endures to the end will be saved so remain alert and watchful.
  • You don't know when He will return. Only the season.
  • Be faithful and do what's been given to you to do to care for His household and expect His return.
  • Be prepared. Stay encouraged and faithful even when He delays.
  • Working for His kingdom may require courage and risk, yet keep your honesty and integrity and treat people as you would the Lord.
  • Honor Him always, without betrayal or denial.
  • Acknowledge who He is and remain humble before Him.
  • The Son of God allowed Himself to be bound by men, beaten, and crucified.
  • His path of suffering and humiliation gave Him authority in heaven and earth.
  • Go therefore in the authority He gives you and make disciples of all nations.
  • Baptize them, teach them to observe all that He's commanded.
  • He will be with you always, even to the end of the age.

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