Saturday, July 2, 2016

Seek the Pure Waters!

It's time to seek the pure rivers of living water.
The other rivers have all run dry.
The land without God is barren and empty.

Counterfeits are exposed.
False promises of peace have run dry.
Only the true Spirit of God will give life and satisfy your soul.

Let God fill your heart.
Allow Him to cleanse you within and wash you without--
To fill your heart and mind with Himself.

Be a place where He loves to dwell.

"Ho! Every one who thirsts,
come to the waters;
And you who have no money
come, buy and eat.
Come, buy wine and milk

without money and without cost."
Isaiah 55:1

Re-prayer July 2013

Prophetic Word for Waterford Michigan

June 4, 2016
Rose Murdock

There’s been a shift, there’s been a breakthrough in the realm of the prophetic in Waterford. The enemy has been trying to keep the prophetic sensitivity dulled. But there’s been a shift, there’s been a breakthrough. Once this kind of breakthrough happens, then the prophets can prophecy. There will be prophecy that occurs, and the apostolic, along with the rest of the ministry gifts, will be able to function as they need to.

There is a prophetic awakening occurring now in Waterford. The prophetic is coming to life. The prophetic is waking up. Wake up prophets! Oh wake up, oh prophets, and begin to prophesy over Waterford! Wake up worshipers, and begin to worship in Waterford! There is this prophetic awakening going on now, and we will prophesy to the land.

Waterford is called to be a place of refreshing, revival, renewing. “RE” meaning it’s a return, a revival of God’s people. A return of those people, or those things which have fallen away, or been lost, to be restored.

There will be an evangelistic move in Waterford, but first there is a call for God’s own people to return to Him. His people have fallen under this lulling, this sleeping, and it’s time to wake up. There is an awakening that is occurring in Waterford, as the prophets prophecy. It encourages the people to build the wall. Those who have been weary will rise again.

God is proclaiming that He is going to do this. But it doesn’t mean that we sit back and say, ‘O let’s sit back and watch what God does.’ We have to partner with Him, make these proclamations, add our faith. We need to agree with You, we need to agree with the Lord and we will go out with joy and we will be led forth with peace.

What’s happening is affecting Waterford, the breakthrough that has occurred is in Waterford. However, Waterford is the center of Oakland County, and as it busts loose in Waterford, it will ultimately affect Oakland County. Oakland County will also affect the entire state. Water—ford is very strategic in God’s plan. Water-ford it’s the place of crossing over the water. It’s where we cross like they crossed over the Jordan and the Red Sea. We cross over the realm of the Spirit, into the spiritual realm that He has for us.

Some of the lampposts, some of the lights are broken down and in ill repair, dusty and that sort of thing. But God is waking up His people in waves so that there’s those who can minister as each new wave begins to awaken. There are those prepared ahead of time to minister to them. If He woke up the whole body of Christ at once we would all be stumbling around a little bit, looking for what to do, but God is beginning to sound the alarm. Which means “all arms”, all arms come alive, come awake, come alert. And we are coming alive and alert, as each wave wakens up to the things of the Spirit, we are able to help those who are coming into an awakeness and an alertness themselves. So this awakening that’s coming to the body of Christ is doing so one wave at a time, one wave at a time, so that there’s those who have gone before to prepare the way, to help them in their transition.

God is looking for those who will prophesy with faith, boldness, confidence. Those who will prophesy hope. Those who can see into the realm of the Spirit and see what God is doing and use… any of the obstacles or whatever that they see …use intercession to come against whatever obstacles might be in that way. But God is looking for those who can persevere, and those who can see through the clouds of deception that the enemy would try and put up there, and see what God’s doing, what He wants to do. We have to get high up enough so we are above the clouds, and we can see what God is doing and not allow the distractions, the clouds of deceptive strategies of the enemy to interfere with our vision. It takes faith, it takes boldness and it takes single mindedness. This is not a time for double mindedness This is not a time for wavering, this is not a time to say, ‘well maybe God might…, I wish God might..’ This is a time to stand in faith and hear the heart of God and say ‘Yes, He IS doing this. This IS happening now.’ He is the I AM.

He’s calling for those who will go above and beyond. For those who will say I’m not going to do just enough to barely get by as a Christian. But I’m going to go above and beyond, I’m going to persevere I’m going to go the extra mile. I’m going to take up my cross daily. I’m going to give everything, my whole heart to Him in passionate worship.’ Where we get to the place where He is our only option. He is our only option. There’s no turning back. There’s no ‘what if?” There’s no plan B, there’s no contingency plans. But it’s just Him. He is my life. I am pursuing Him.

We’ve got to be willing to lay aside our preconceived thoughts and follow the wooing of the Holy Spirit. Even if it means a new path, even if it means a different way of doing things. And we will get there into His presence quicker than we thought. Surround yourself with those who are like-minded. With other prophetic people, with others who are seeking for this breakthrough and this insight and into the Spirit realm. Surround yourself with those people. Surround yourself with those people, and as you come together and do that, your gifts shall flourish together and become much more powerful. Not just to defeat the strategies of the enemy but to go forward in the power that the Lord has called you to.

It’s like a tree planted by the waters. When you come together and you put your roots down deep, you’re a tree planted by the waters, receiving that continual watering. There’s not a drought there, when you’re planted by the waters, there’s never a drought.

You’ve received your marching orders, now go do it. Go in the power of My love, and go with worship in your hearts. Expect the new. It’s not business as usual anymore. Dream, dream, dream and leave a trail of life behind you. Prime the wells through prayer, through praise, through prophecy.