Saturday, October 24, 2015

Re-prayers for October 2012

Heavenly Father, You are our source of strength, our energy for living. You equip us and enlist us in Your holy army. We listen to You for Your instruction, receiving from Your Holy Spirit and not deceived by the deception of our enemy, not distracted by what pleases us or what we think we deserve. We praise You in all we do, worshiping You from a pure heart. Allowing Your Spirit to free us, creating an atmosphere for others to be free as well.

Re-prayer-October 6, 2012: Sincere Motivations

I pray for the atmosphere of the churches and Christian families, even the schools and businesses. I pray for the spiritual leaders, that they enter into the presence of the Lord in a way they never have before--a deeper degree of purity and experience Your holiness in a greater way. That the anointing of the Spirit break every yoke, reveal truth and set these leaders free. Free from deception, confusion, discouragement, frustration, envy, pride, lust and greed. I pray as these leaders reach this new depth in Your Spirit, that the people around them experience the same freedom and deliverance--freedom to worship and freedom to live as You've called them.

We pray from a pure heart, with Your Spirit's influence, with true humility--not the false humility of guilt or self-loathing. We pray with the genuine anointing of the Spirit of God, not relying on the false righteousness of good behavior May we bring the unity of the Spirit into our personal calling, worshiping You together, not just privately, and continually offer the sacrifice of praise to You with our words.

Hebrews 13:15

Re-prayer-October 13, 2012: Listen for the Sound

We are victors, not victims. We are soldiers in the army of God. We are not fighting for our own rights, but for the kingdom of God to prevail. We fight a spiritual fight against spiritual forces of darkness. We do not attack people or seek revenge on people. We will not be distracted by offense, bitterness or resentment. We are not a wimpy army! We have died to ourselves, taken up our cross and follow Jesus, who always causes us to triumph! May the sound of worship and victory reach the heavens, not the sound of whining or complaining.

1 Peter 2:20, 2 Timothy 2:3, 2 Corinthians 2:14, 2 Corinthians 10:3-5, Ephesians 6:10-18

Re-prayer-October 20, 2012: The Roar of Worship

I pray that worship in Waterford continues during both good times and bad. That Your people consistently worship you. I pray for consistent 24/7 Christians who worship You no matter what--loudly and boldly, even in the face of evil or trouble. The lion overcomes all other prey, and our praise overcomes the enemy consistently.

Re-prayer-October 26, 2012: Acknowledge and Be Still

I pray for a calm stillness, a peace, upon Your people. That we take moments to breathe, be still and listen to You. That we acknowledge You in every way. That You are our source of strength. That what we consume is not our source of strength. Our energy for living is You. Just as Jesus said He had food to eat that the disciples didn't know about, show us how You truly are our strength. I pray that Your will, expressed in what You've sent us to do, be our motivation and our strength.

John 4:32-34

Reprayer October 2012