Saturday, October 8, 2016

Breathe In, Breathe Out

We fix our eyes on You, Jesus, while standing on the firm foundation You have planted us on--which is also You. You are our foundation, and You are our hope. We stand on You, and look to You. As we do we are being fit together as a holy temple for You. Your body is built up and becomes strong as we do this.

As we gain victory in our lives, we change the spiritual atmosphere which affects those around us, and our leaders. It affects who is elected and the decisions they make as our representatives. As we bring our thoughts captive, we reign in more than our own thoughts, but take that thought prisoner so it can't infect others. We capture it, and bring it under subjection to Christ.

As we consume Your Word, we gain discernment to recognize which thoughts are not from You. Your Word is fresh, living water that cleanses our thoughts, and purifies our hearts every day. May our thoughts, our words, our choices, our gifts, our work, and our actions glorify You.

We breathe in Your Spirit. Let it work through us, changing us, cleansing us and we release it back out into the atmosphere. We filter out the bad by breathing in Your Spirit--Your thoughts and words--and out again. In and out again. We change the atmosphere around us as we breathe/speak You in and out. Filtering out the bad and releasing Your life.

Re-prayer October 2013