Sunday, August 28, 2016

August 28, 2016 - School Prayer

Father God, I pray for safety and protection for all the schools and students in Waterford. And for all the teachers and staff. I pray for protection physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, sexually, financially, and in every way. I pray for a safe environment whether in the public schools, private or home-schools. I pray for truth to be taught. I pray for a love of learning to be developed in all the students. For understanding of their gift and call in life to be revealed. For distractions to be diminished so they will properly prioritize their time and focus on what is important for their lives.

I pray for healthy schools--there will be no plagues or diseases. Any attempts to bring evil or harm to the students or staff will be thwarted, exposed and stopped. No weapon formed against these children will prosper. No evil will befall them, no plague will come near their dwelling. Whatever learning environment they are in--even outside of their learning environment--at their homes, and places of play and recreation. I pray for all the children and young people of Waterford and the surrounding communities. Spark their hearts to seek after You, O God. So they will seek the truth and find You. Draw them to You Father God. Pour out Your Spirit upon them. Give them dreams, visions and revelations of You, of the Truth, of Your ways, and of Your salvation.

I pray for the parents, caregivers, guardians, pastors, teachers and coaches. That all those who have any influence or authority over the kids of Waterford lead these children into truth. That they protect them from harm and from deceptive influences. I pray that Common Core, and any program like it, be removed from the schools, and all schools in Michigan. I pray that the policies and guidelines of the schools promote truth and righteousness as You define it O God. That the harmful practice of pretending to choose a gender be stopped and forbidden in the schools. Protect our kids O Lord, from those who would use them as pawns for a political agenda. From those who would try and indoctrinate them against the principles of this country that You instituted which made us strong and free. Pour out Your wisdom and understanding upon this generation Lord, so they are not deceived into abandoning that which You have established. Make them wise O Lord, and pure in their hearts and intentions.

This is a generation that will seek Your face, Your ways and Your truth. A generation filled with Your wisdom and discernment so they will not fall prey to deceptive influences. A righteous, holy, wise and skilled army for You. Breath on them O God, every child, every student, throughout Waterford and throughout Michigan. Fill them with Your Spirit and a hunger to know Your ways. Make the path to You clear before them. Open the doors that will lead them to You, in Jesus' Name, Amen!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Hearts Softened and in Sync

"Lord, may Your people arise and speak the truth kindly and gently, teaching those who oppose You with compassion, hoping for repentance and deliverance from the enemy who has them bound. Correction with gentleness, both are needed. Let Your church raise Jesus Christ as the plum line, the standard, so Your goodness draws all men to You.

Let the heart of Waterford be softened towards You--beating with Your heartbeat--responding to Your rain, allowing it to soften our hearts. We tear down every idol--everything that would try and take Your place in our lives. We worship You with our entire being. You are our rock. We trust in You alone. All that we have built up around us to keep us safe and make us comfortable we offer to You in worship. We respond to Your breath. Your voice. Your word. We draw near to You, come dwell with us!"

2 Timothy 2:24-26, Psalm 65:10, Luke 24:29

Re-prayer August, 2013