Saturday, December 24, 2011

December 24, 2011 - Prayer

Just continue to pray this week for the children of the Township.  That God touch their hearts as much as He longs to.  That the churches He's called to teach these kids are prepared in their children's ministries and have all the resources they need.  Pray for the families to draw closer to the Lord and for Love to prevail in the families and homes.  That the school teachers have a refreshing time and return in January with fresh vision and love for the children.

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

December 17, 2011 - Prayer

Prayer focus for 12/17/11 to 12/23/11

Mott High School
Churches: Lifepoint, Scott Lake Baptist
Residents/Business: Southeast Quadrant

Kids: Once again, God's heart is on the kids!  Pray they have encounters with Him.

Churches: That they prepare for more kids, reach out to the kids, teach them & love them.  That churches boldly declare Jesus Christ is Lord and not fall prey to spirits of antichrist that cause us to water down the gospel.

Schools: That the teachers are refreshed over Christmas vacation, rejuvenated and return to the classrooms with fresh vision and pour love into the kids lives.  That there is peace in the classrooms in January and the transition back to school is smooth.  Fresh year, fresh start.

Mott High School: for all the employees to further God's purpose and their hearts turn to Him for salvation.  That they reject the things that are contrary to God, that they are biblically and historically correct, rather than "politically" correct.  That they lift up and exalt Jesus Christ and holiness and righteousness prevail in the staff and students. 

State Educational Authorities / Township School Board: That they have God encounters in such a way that they know they are not coincidences but are from God.  His name is Jesus.  For the upcoming election, that positions are filled by those that will further God's purpose and have the wisdom, calling and anointing to function in that position.

Residents: Revival in every neighborhood.

Township Board & Employees: That each one and each position is filled with those called & anointed by God to be there, Christians or those whose hearts are softening to the Lord.  For the upcoming election, that positions are filled by those that will further God's purpose and have the wisdom, calling and anointing to function in that position.

United States & Michigan Governments: That the leaders reject the enemies that try to destroy us through culture and political correctness.  That those who influence and advise our leaders come to the knowledge of the Truth as well.  That they all follow the Way, Truth and Life.  That they are biblically and historically accurate.  That we are a sheep nation. Truth!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

December 10, 2011 - Prayer

Prayer focus for 12/10/11 - 12/17/11
Schools: Covert Center
Churches: Harvest Baptist, Waterford Oaks, Los Pentecostales

As I was praying for the schools and in particular the children of Waterford Township, I began to sense a strong longing for the Lord to touch the hearts of the kids in the Township.  It was very strong and I felt that the Lord wants to give dreams and visions and even special encounters with Him to the kids.  But I also felt that the churches would need to be prepared to receive these kids.  That they would need to have a strong children's ministry with enough workers and resources to handle extra kids coming.  I felt that the Lord would love for the churches to reach out and provide transportation to church for those kids who don't have it and to be ready for them in teaching them the Word of God and helping to prepare them for what God has for them.  That the ministry to children is not just babysitting or pacifying them, but actually ministering to them and teaching them.  Pray for this to happen!

For the schools: for there to be peace in the classrooms and that the needs of the kids are met.  That peace would displace confusion, distraction, frustration and anger.  That the hungry, neglected and abused are taken care of. 

Township School Board / State Educational Authority: United in Christian purpose
Once again, that our textbooks are historically and biblically correct.
That people are not afraid to stand up for the Christian faith in educational or governmental positions. 
That all of America is one step closer to the Lord today in their hearts, minds and actions.
For the protection of our country spiritually, militarily, financially, geographically.  That our government and our military have all the wisdom and resources needed to protect this country. 
That the police had all they need to go after lawlessness. 
That the churches have all they need to turn hearts to God.
That in Michigan, criticism and sarcasm is turned to praise, thanksgiving and an attitude of gratitude.
That only sweet waters and not bitter come out of our mouths.  And that as the sweet waters of praise flow from our mouths it brings the sweet presence of God.
That the assault on our Great Lakes are stopped.
That where the enemy comes in like a flood the Spirit of the Lord raises up a standard against him.
The attacks against the Christian faith are ineffective.

Oakland County Commissioners:  As there is re-positioning going on, the Lord have His hand in who is to leave and who is to stay.

Waterford Township employees: That the employees in every position be called and anointed for their position and have all the wisdom and discernment needed to function in their position.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

December 3, 2011 - Prayer

Let's not just pray from our mind to ease our conscience, convincing ourselves that we've done our duty because we've simply said a few words and put in our time, but instead let's pray from the heart, feeling God's heart, so we really mean it when we say, "Let Your kingdom come, let your will be done!"

We prayed this for the residents of Waterford and the businesses as well.  That the residents' faith is alive and real.  That the heart and soul of the businesses in the Township area are a blessing and in line with God's vision for this area.  For the leaders and mentors of the Township to rise up and fulfill their purpose as well. 
For all relationships--marriages, family, churches, teams, business partnerships etc. That how we all relate to one another is with love and unity. 
That lawlessness, desperation, frustration, selfishness, greed and hopelessness be displaced by righteousness, peace, patience, kindness, giving, hope, love, holiness and unity.
Romans 14:17 says the kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.
Specifically prayed for Grace Missionary Church and Baptist Fellowship and for the Southeast Quadrant of the Township.  We prayed for Haviland Elementary and once again the School Board Members, Township Departments & Government and our Elected Officials.  That the Township runs efficiently with the right number of positions and the right duties assigned to each position.  And that each person in each position has God's calling and anointing to function. 
I once had a dream of a huge tidal wave rising up out of Elizabeth Lake which was the Spirit of God flooding the whole area.  It was beautiful and powerful.  It was at the end of Marvel Place--a street off of Cass Elizabeth.  Truly this will be a Marvelous Place!