Saturday, June 23, 2018

Upstream / Downstream

I saw a river flowing through the township that was full of mud. People were going to the river, drinking it, washing themselves in it, washing their clothes, and watering their plants. They were trying to use the river to live but it was bogging everything down because it was so muddy. It was clogging everything up to the point of taking away the joy of living. People were struggling, wanting to live happy lives, but they were bogged down in this mud. Everything was affected by it, yet many people didn't even realize what was happening. They thought this was normal.

I looked upstream and saw that the devil was throwing stuff into the river. As he did, the stuff melted down and turned into the substance that made the river muddy. No one was there to stop him and he was throwing stuff in non-stop, and laughing about it.

I asked the Lord what this meant. In Rev 22:1 we see a river that comes from God. It's a crystal clear river that comes from His throne. It is life-giving, but what I saw was the enemy throwing stuff into this river causing problems downstream so that it was no longer life-giving.

When I first saw this, I wondered if this river represented a timeline. A timeline-river would mean that in the beginning there was a clear river flowing through Waterford but at some point in time the enemy threw stuff in causing it to get bogged down. This would be a generational thing that would have begun many years ago, yet still affecting us today. Then I wondered if this river represented space or distance. A distance-river would mean that those who are far away from the Lord--the source of the river--are affected by this muddy river. For those who are far from the source, the enemy has space to dump things in the river without being noticed. I think the river represents both a timeline and a distance.

Father, in the name of Jesus, reveal the things we need to see from this. If there is anything wherever or whenever that is being, or has been, dumped into the river of life You have brought to this region, expose it and stop it now. Show us where and when this is/has happened. We repent of anything in the past that our ancestors in this region have allowed into this river, or in the present going on now. We ask for Your mercy, so that what has happened doesn't affect us any longer. We ask that this garbage be removed out of this river. We ask that whatever has been dumped into this river, feeding Waterford and Oakland County, that is contrary to You and Your ways be removed. No longer contaminating, bogging down, or affecting this river so the people here and now can draw freely from the river of life and receive the cleansing, refreshing, renewal, and life that You send down this river. We ask that the contamination stop. We take authority over any demonic thing to the degree You've given us authority. We ask for mercy and grace from You to stop this. Send Your angels and host of heaven to clear this up this contamination and for Your river to flow freely and clearly once again throughout Waterford and Oakland County.

God is not bound by time. What has happened in the past can be dealt with now.

God, I pray concerning those who are distant from You. Those living now, especially those who give the appearance that they are close to You. That the deception of this is exposed. Hypocrites are those who honor Him with their lips, but whose heart is far from Him (Matthew 15:8). Anyone who is appearing to be close to You but whose heart is far from You is not flowing with Your river. They are not a source of life. Those who partake of these branches of the river will get bogged downJesus said whoever believes in Him, out of his/her belly will flow rivers of living water (John 7). We need faith, and to be faithful, for that river to continue to flow clearly out from us, so we can bring life to others.

I pray that the people who have distanced themselves from You, knowingly or unknowingly, be drawn back to You. Those who are being deceived--open their eyes, let them see the river they've been partaking of, let them see the condition of the river, what has been dumped into their lives that is not of You. Reveal the branches of the river that have been contaminated. Let them move upstream so they can see who is contaminating it, and what the river is like closer to You. 

God help us to set watches along the river to guard so the enemy does not contaminate this river. Show us how to move upstream so close to You that distant generations and those distant from You now can drink from and wash in the river of life. So those who are distance in both time and space can receive of Your life.  

As we move closer upstream and get closer to Him, and set a watch along the river, the distance between Waterford and the Lord will shorten. Shorten the distance between Waterford and the source of life--the source of the river. We pray that those who are far in both time and space, come closer to You. Move us closer to You! Move Waterford and Oakland County closer to You. Pick us up and move us closer to You so both those far away in distance and time will be close to You too--the source of life. Move us in the spirit closer to You.

Lord we pray that believers and unbelievers be drawn closer to You. Move upstream. Move upstream. Move upstream. Grow tired of the muddy bogged down river. Get past the junk and the contamination. When God made the earth the Garden of Eden was beautiful, but the enemy came and contaminated it with his breath. The garden became contaminated. God created Waterford and this area to be a beautiful place. We want to see Your vision for this region. We want to move upstream and draw from the source of life. We set a watch so future generations, and those far from You here and now, so they can receive Your pure, clear water of life.

The enemy is booted out. No more can you contaminate this river! God we stand in faith and faithfulness to You. Send Your host of heaven to clean the river up, and help us stand guard to stop junk from being thrown into Your river. One drop of the blood of Jesus in this river cleanses it, one drop in our heart, purifies the river that flows out from us, cancelling out everything the enemy tries to do. The pure, clear river of the Spirit of God flowing out of our bellies.

I see a flood of pure, clear, water flowing down M-59. It looks like a rapid river, like a dam let loose. It's a gush of pure and clean water flowing down M-59. We receive it Lord! We receive Your life-flow, Your river of life!

Whether you live in Waterford, or Oakland County, or not, pray this for your community. Ask the Lord to show you about this river in your community.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Fit for the Kingdom

"But Jesus said to him, No one, after putting his hand to the plow and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.” Luke 9:62
If someone starts working in the Lord's field and their desire and longing is elsewhere--outside of His kingdom--then they are not fit for the kingdom. There are tools and weapons He wants to entrust us with, but He can't if we're not "all in" for Him. The tools He gives us will be used to build whatever our desires are. So if we desire the world while plowing in His field, we will be using His tools to build a worldly kingdom!

Father God, we pray for the people of Waterford who are called to plow the field in this region. We ask that as they put their hand to the plow that they are all in for You, that they break the ties with the world--that longing and desire for other things apart from You and Your kingdom--so You can fully entrust them with the tools and weapons that You want them to have so they can build Your kingdom properly. We pray for all of the believers who live and work here, that You lead them on this path, that their eyes are focused on You, and their heart no longer longs the world or things of the past. We pray this for ourselves personally as well.

If our eyes are not on the field, we may not be plowing a straight path, we may miss some ground that we need to cover. 
Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses [who by faith have testified to the truth of God’s absolute faithfulness], stripping off every unnecessary weight and the sin which so easily and cleverly entangles us, let us run with endurance and active persistence the race that is set before us, [looking away from all that will distract us and] focusing our eyes on Jesus, who is the Author and Perfecter of faith [the first incentive for our belief and the One who brings our faith to maturity], who for the joy [of accomplishing the goal] set before Him endured the cross, disregarding the shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God [revealing His deity, His authority, and the completion of His work]. Hebrews 12:1-2 Amp
If we don't keep our eyes on Jesus we will be distracted. We look to Jesus, just as He looked to the joy beyond the cross. This gave Him strength to endure what He had to. We need to be persistent to stay with what He's called us to. There will be distractions to try and get our eyes off Jesus, but keeping our eyes on Him will keep us from getting distracted. Stay focused on Him. He's in the field, He knows the fields, He sends workers into the field.

Father, we pray that all of Your people in this community keep their eyes fixed on You, that they run with endurance, keep their hand to the plow, keep their vision in focus, so they have direction and don't veer off the path with their plow, but stay on course. Bring Your people to this place, stir their hearts to keep their vision on You, so they can properly work in the field. Alert them so they are aware of the enemy's tricks, so they have discernment and alertness so they are aware of the distractions.

There is debris in the field, and the Lord is picking up branches and throwing them in a pile. 

Lord we pray for workers to be in the field at the right time so none are lost. 

The fields need to be cleared of the branches, stones--stumbling stones--and all distractions so everyone can follow Him properly. These are the stones that would keep the hearts of the people from being flexible to the Lord. Lord, make our heart-soil pliable. Do the work in our heart as we plow the field. Make us like You Jesus. When we see You we'll be like You. 

The enemy would try and dig pits--holes--to trap people as well. 

Level the fields Lord, bring down the high places and fill in the low so everyone's steps are on firm ground. We tear down pride so Your work can continue. Sift the soil so all of the impurities are removed. The bugs, the seeds of the enemy, the destroying worms. Rebuke the devourer--those things that would destroy the fruit of the ground. Tenderize the soil. Remove the impurities in the soil so what is growing is exactly what You want. We give no place for the seeds of enemy, or all that would devour, in Jesus' name.

Let the hidden worms, the religious spirits, that appear to be "good" but are actually destroying be exposed. We give the enemy no place in the church in Waterford. We plead the blood of Jesus over the soil in Waterford, so the soil is pure. 

Filter out these worms Lord, the religious spirits. 

There are those who are plowing but not seeing results. There are those who are looking around, looking back, thinking that they are doing the work of the Lord. Their heart is not in the work they are doing, they have no relationship with the Lord, no joy in Him and His work. 

Awaken the saints to a higher degree! Lord, wake up Your church so the sleep is out of our eyes, the scales are removed, our hearts are pure and ears hear! Awaken and remove the sleep!

Jesus is the vine, The Father is the Farmer. It's all about You Jesus. You are our treasure, not other things. We are fully committed, sold out to You. We pray that all of Your people be completely surrendered and sold out to you. Help us do what we need to do to help others come to this place.

Put your roots down deeper. Some roots have stopped at a shallow vein. Some have been deceived by the enemy into a mirage, thinking its a vein of the river of God when its not. This false river, false religion has no life. 

Bring our roots to the right river, to the right place, so we draw from Your river and Your life. Bring us all to this place, this well of life. Open our eyes, so more light comes in. Expose the darkness. Bring us into unity. Break the silent divisions. Tear down the white walls in the field that cause deep divisions. We tear them down in Jesus name and break the divisions! 

Bring the true unity Lord, more personal, daily, relationships within Your church. 

We ask for mercy from scorching winds and heat. Lord, as You remove the shelter that has allowed people to continue in a religious spirit, bring them to a place where they turn to You and put their roots down to the true river. Expose and remove the things that have allowed the religious spirit to continue unnoticed. Those who have trusted in this false protection and those who have led others into it and brought them onto a path of death instead of life. Whatever is allowing this religious spirit to continue, remove and bring Your people to Your true source of life!  This false religion is going from Waterford!

We want to be fit for Your kingdom, and Your church to be fit for Your kingdom.