Saturday, March 25, 2017

Fill Every Space

May the true, living church in Waterford be influential in every area of the township--every people group--whether political, educational, spiritual, family, fun or business. Fill every open space Lord, every atom, with Your life, Your truth, Your Spirit, and Your love.

Fill the young minds and hearts with Your truth. Pout out Your Spirit on them. There is room for You! Plenty of room! Plenty of space in Waterford, for You. Fill it Lord!

Open our eyes so we see what is right before us--what You are doing. Let us see from Your perspective. Let us see the path we are on, and where we should be. Help us learn to walk in the joy of family relationships.

Let the instruction of the parents be designed to perpetuate the Gospel for generations to come. Let there be a new heart in Waterford. A new purpose and vision that aligns completely with Your purpose and vision for us. Let Your heart-blood flow to every part of the people, bringing Your life. We will respond to You!

Re-prayer March, 2014