Saturday, February 25, 2012

February 25, 2012 - Prayer Focus

Prayer focus for February 25 - March 2, 2012
Southwest Quadrant
Home schools and private schools
St. Perpetuas
New Hope Christian Fellowship

Prayer is two way communication.  Not only do we talk to God but we listen to Him as well.
Jesus said His sheep hear His voice and follow Him.
When we listen to Him and hear His voice as sheep and then follow and do what He says, we are really His and are identifying ourselves as His people.

Prayer is never meant to be done as just an obligation or a ritual.  Pray that all Christians throughout the township and those in governmental and educational positions affecting Waterford township, seek Him and tune in to Him, listening and following Him in all they do.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

February 18, 2012 - Prayer Focus

Prayer focus for the week of February 18-February 24, 2012

Southwest Quadrant
Knudsen Elementary
Bethany Baptist Church

Pray for the hearts of the people to seek the truth.  That we are no longer content to live with lies or deceptions in our lives.  That we have hearts that want the truth and hearts that want to please our Heavenly Father.  Pray that God pours out His love on the people and the the people respond to Him and His great love in praise and worship.

Knudsen Elementary: Prayer for protection for the school, children and families. That the families are strong.  That school is a place where true learning can take place.  That teachers and staff do not become "weary in well doing" but that they have a sense of purpose and do not feel hopeless or overwhelmed by any tasks before them.  That they can see the good they are doing and become encouraged by that.

Bethany Baptist Church:  That God pour out fresh love on the church.  That all the people remember their first love and fall in love with Him all over again.  That they all draw closer to the Lord.  That God bless them and their outreach efforts to the community.  That they continue to be a stable presence in the community and a place where people can come and find true help from the Lord.

Government: That all forms of government affecting the Township, from the township all the way up to the Federal government, turn to the heart of the people and become true representatives of the people as our founding fathers intended.  And that the people turn to the heart of the Lord and become true representatives of the Lord.  Then God's Kingdom will come, His will will be done in our land. 

Pray that God's people stay true to Him and that we raise up a generation that, as Noah and his family did, stays true to the Lord and a righteous life in spite of whatever evil influences are going on around them.

Have a great week!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

February 11, 2012 - Prayer Focus

Prayer focus for 2/11/12 through 2/17/12:

Southwest Quadrant
Riverside Elementary
Grace Baptist Church of Waterford
Seventh Day Adventist

I always try and remember not to pray just out of a sense of duty or obligation, but to listen for the heart of God and pray from a heart that is filled with His love and wisdom for the Township.  God created this land and put its beauty here.  He knows best how we can live happy and fulfilling lives while living here!

Pray for protection.  Psalms 91 says as we make the Lord our refuge and dwelling place then no evil will befall us and no plague will come near our dwelling.  Pray that those who would come here to try and steal and plunder not only are caught physically, but come under conviction in their hearts and turn away from evil intentions.  Pray for God's hand of mercy and grace to be over the Township.  The apostle Paul didn't say not to pray for peace and safety in the end times, but he said that some people will say all is well when it really isn't and they will be caught off guard.  Pray for peace and safety and let us remain alert and prayerful.

God, search our hearts to see if there are any wicked ways in us that we need to turn away from. Show us things we need to let go of, people we need to forgive and distractions in our life that interfere with us hearing you and following you.  Let us take time to honor you.

Pray for deeper truth to be revealed in the churches and for God's will to become clear. That for any decisions that need to be made in the churches that God's will becomes clear as those in decision making positions seek God for wisdom and direction.

Pray that the kids are protected at school and free from harm.  Pray that the kids have a peaceful atmosphere to learn in.  That they discover their gifts and talents and grow and flourish in them. Pray for all levels of the educational system in Michigan from the State on down to the staff and volunteers at each school.  That they don't make unnecessary laws or policies. That they seek God's wisdom in making decisions and do what's right as it becomes clear.  Pray for the parents, that they love their kids and have the wisdom they need to raise them up as they should, providing godly guidance.

Pray for the residents and businesses.  That those who are frustrated, irritated or disappointed be shown God's way for their lives and the paths that will bring peace.  That the people find jobs that are suited for them. 

Pray for all levels of Government--from Federal on down to the Township--that they seek and find God's wisdom for all the day to day decisions as well as any challenges they face.

We thank you God for hearing our prayers.  May you be glorified and Jesus be lifted up throughout this Township!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

February 4, 2012 - Prayer Focus

Prayer focus for 2/4/12 through 2/10/12:

Southwest Quadrant
Beaumont Elementary
Lakecrest Baptist Church
Bethel United Church of Christ

Prayer for an awakening of God's people to see His truth and His way more clearly.  That our eyes and thoughts are on Jesus.  That those who have wandered away from the Lord return.  That those who don't know Him see that He is the one true God and that false gods and idols have no power.  When Jesus is lifted up, all men are drawn to Him. That the Lord quench the thirst of people who are thirsty for the truth.

Pray for churches to be prepared for kids inquiring about God.  That the kids are taught the Word of God and truth.

Once again for the schools and educational authorities in the state.  That curriculum, principles and practices that are not historically and biblically correct be rejected.  Pray for all teachers, principals, superintendants, school employees and PTA groups.

For this year's election, that it become evident who God wants to be put in elected positions, that those people have the skill and experience to do the job well.  And that they have all the resources needed and God's anointing to do what they need to do. 

Pray for the current bills in the Michigan legislature, (House bills 4770 and 4771) which are addressing public employee benefits for domestic partners. 

If you have any thoughts that come up during your times of prayer this week, pleas add a comment to this post!