Saturday, July 21, 2018

Fitly Joined Together

There are those who need the Innkeepers in the body of Christ. Innkeepers are those who will provide a place of healing for those who have been wounded. God's people are living stones that are to be joined together to form the body of Christ (1 Peter 2:5). The anointing of the Holy Spirit is like the mortar that joins us together. Wounds may keep the Holy Spirit mortar from sticking so the wounded cannot properly connect to the body. We need to be properly joined to the body in order to function as God has called us to.
"...but speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in all aspects into Him who is the head, even Christ, from whom the whole body, being fitted and held together by what every joint supplies, according to the proper working of each individual part, causes the growth of the body for the building up of itself in love." Ephesians 4:15-16
We're fitted and held together from the Lord and by what each joint supplies, according to the proper functioning of each individual part. When each part of the body is connected and functioning properly, the body grows.

The five fold ministry gifts form the structure of the body and helps each part take their place. The joints bring the proper connection and anointing so the parts fit together and can function properly.

Healing needs to occur so those who have been hurt, in sin etc. can be joined properly to the body. Innkeepers help those who are not connected to heal so they can connect to the body properly.

Lord we pray that the people in this region who are not connected, or not connected properly, to Your body, are brought to a place of healing so they can connect. Raise up the innkeepers. Bring the wounded across their path so they can be healed, restored, and take their proper place in the body. Raise up the gifts necessary so the body can properly function, nourish itself, and grow. Make the divine connections and meetings in all the body and churches in this region. 
“If you forgive those who sin against you, your heavenly Father will forgive you. But if you refuse to forgive others, your Father will not forgive your sins. Matthew 6:14-15
People who have been hurt may have resentment against others who have hurt them, whether leaders or others in the church. As they forgive, healing can flow so they can come back into the body to be connected.

Lord, we pray for people to truly forgive from the heart, and walk in forgiveness, so true healing can take place and connections to the body can be made. Unforgiveness keeps the Holy Spirit mortar from bonding each other together. It keeps the living stones from being bonded together.

Some people might think they are properly connected to the body, but are just in a rut or habit of hanging out with a certain church or people group. Lord, speak to those who think they are properly connected but are not, stir them up in their heart so they have the insight and courage to move to where You want them.
"But as it is, God has placed and arranged the limbs and organs in the body, each [particular one] of them, just as He wished and saw fit and with the best adaptation."1 Corinthians 12:18 Amplified Bible
The Lord places people in the body where He wants. People may feel comfortable in the flesh in a certain place, but where does the Lord want them? Let the man-made connections dissolve, but the Holy Spirit connections be strengthened. Let the unholy and man-made alliances fall away, but the Holy Spirit connections be established. Any deceptions that are causing people to be improperly connected, be dissolved. Lord, bring illumination so people know where they are to be connected to fulfill their part in the body.

Let the ministry gits that form the structure of the body arise into position. Raise up these gifts so people fully function in their ministry gifts. Even the ones outside "the church." The apostles, prophets, pastors business, education, media and so on. Raise up Your leaders in the people groups outside the "church" so that they function in their gift in all of the places You have ordained for them to be.

There may be those who have been hurt by leaders. They know their place is to stay and support them, but they've been wounded and resentment or unforgiveness may try and creep in. Lord, speak to the hearts of the leaders who have knowingly or unknowingly wounded those under their care. If they have done or said something wrong, that has causes wounds, show them so they can ask for forgiveness. Give them courage and strength so they can admit their fault and sin, promoting healing in those under their care. 

May forgiveness flow in Your body. Those who have done wrong to ask for it. Those who have been wronged to forgive others whether or not they ask for it. As we speak the truth in love we will grow up into a strong, healthy body. Where love is, forgiveness will continually flow. People won't offend or get offended.

The Holy Spirit mortar connection will bond believers together as the people communicate and have experiences together. If you just sit in a church and listen to the pastor, but have no conversation or experience with him or others in the church, then you won't develop a relationship with them. Conversation and experience build relationships and strengthen the mortar. Connections have not been strong because of a lack of these two.

Lord, we pray that conversations and experiences occur among those You've called to join together throughout this region. 

There was a vision of believers joining hands, and as they did the Holy Spirit swirled around and wrapped olives leaves around their hands, forming a covenant of peace.

 It's about more than a physical presence together, but a united heart. Peace, shalom, and wholeness. As individuals experience this wholeness it will make for a stronger body corporately as they connect with others. The strong will help the weak. One weak link weakens the whole chain, but the stronger each link is, the stronger the whole chain.

Sever the divisive groups and cliques--the strife and envy between groups within the body. Dissolve the arrogance, jealousy and competitiveness. 

The whole body suffers when one part suffers. The whole body needs to support those who are weaker or suffering. We need to dissolve the divisive cliques that cut others off.

People may be grouped and fitted by their function in the body, but that doesn't mean there are "elite" groups. One is not better than others. Everyone has their proper place. We pray Your people are open to recognize who You have called into various positions, and not reject those who don't look like they "fit in." Lord, release discernment and humility so Your people receive from whoever You bring along.

We're here for the Lord. He's the Head, it's not about magnifying our part in the body, but Him.
"...being diligent to preserve the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace." Ephesians 4:3
We must be diligent to preserve the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.

Lord, we pray that You bring Your body together, that we are all diligent to preserve the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. That Your people work together, and quit fighting and arguing. That the world sees we are Your disciples by the love we have for each other, so we can walk, grow, and become the body as You've called us.

We pray for all of Your people as individuals to be connected to a body of believers. And that each body is connected to other bodies in such a way that there is not striving between them. That churches are not jealous or striving with other churches.

We want to fulfill our function, not looking at others to follow, or striving to be like them, or thinking they should be like us, but to recognize our place and that God has called each one of us to do our part.

We take authority over the demonic spirits of division and the unholy religious spirits in this area. We declare that you have no place in our lives, our church, or other churches in this region. We do not allow religious and divisive spirits to destroy the body. The division is no longer in Jesus' name!

We welcome the Holy Spirit to come, just as You brooded over the face of the earth, over the chaos, to restore order and unity in the earth, we ask that You do the same for the body of Christ in this region. Release the heavenly host of heaven to help orchestrate this and bring divine connections leading to the unity of body. We ask for the influence of the Holy Spirit and of heaven so people align with Your will in Jesus' Name.

Friday, July 6, 2018

No More Monument Christianity!

I saw in a vision, people in Waterford looking empty, like empty shells, like they had no blood in them. They were like a statue, not able to move or do anything. Then I saw the Lord begin to fill them with His blood. These were not unbelievers, they were Christians, but they were immobilized because of not being filled with His blood. As the blood filled them, it flowed to their entire body--hands, feet, stomach, lungs, minds etc. I knew then that God wants to fill His people completely, but many have not allowed His blood to flow into every part of their body. I believe this represented His church in Waterford--the body of Christ, not just individual believers.

As His blood flowed into their hands--it affected what they did. When it flowed into their feet--it affected where they went and what happened when they went there. When it flowed into their lungs and heart--then what they spoke was from the Lord. Even their stomach and digestion system was affected by it and the food they ate, who they ate with, their survival, work, and fellowship with each other was affected. God wants every part of His church to be filled with His life-blood. Whether they are participating in work, fun, family etc. He wants to fill every part of His church.

When I saw this, I felt that many of His people have kept Him out of the main flow of their life. He wants to be a part of every area of the lives of His people. Even in recreation--going to a movie, a restaurant, the park etc. He wants to fill every area. He wants His life blood to flow through His people in every area of the community. When His blood flows to His body, the numbness will go away. His people have been numb, because the blood has not been flowing! Let it flow!

As this happens, His church becomes whole people. No longer will His people be empty shells that can't live and move. His people will live, move, and breathe, and will not be just an outward symbol of Christianity. Not an idol or monument. The enemy would settle for statues and would like to turn God's people into a monument, just a historical remembrance of Christianity in Waterford. No longer! God is calling His people to be a living, moving, breathing body that is alive now!

Lord, fill Your people with Your blood. Turn us into living, moving, breathing people for you. We are not monuments. Christianity is not just historically remembered in Waterford. Don't let Your church become a monument, let us be living, breathing places where You are active and Your blood is flowing. The oxygenated breath of Your Spirit is carried throughout. Bring us into a living place where we come alive in this community!

We repent for allowing this to happen. On behalf of Your church in Waterford, we repent for allowing Your church to become a monument. Please forgive us. We ask that it come to an end. That Monument Christianity comes to an end. That we become living, breathing people for You. Release the blood flow into Your people. Flowing and filling us up so we can live and move for You, as You desire. Thank You for Your forgiveness. Any right the enemy has had to freeze and paralyze us be dismissed. That this monument crack and the outer shell removed, so the living, breathing body is free to move. We want the reality of You to flow throughout our hearts and our community. You wouldn't show us this if you didn't want us to be free from this. Release the blood and the breath into Waterford, in Jesus' Name Amen!