Thursday, May 26, 2011

May 25, 2011 - Police Department, Protection, Schools

With the neighboring city of Pontiac's police department being taken over by the Oakland County Sheriff's Office it will be important for the Waterford Police to have a strong presence to discourage crime as well.  We pray for Waterford Police to have all the resources they need to do an excellent job.  We pray for the department to have all of the information necessary to be prepared at all times for whatever comes their way.  We pray for the protection of the officers and citizens of Waterford as well.
We pray for the children of the Waterford schools.  That they are influenced by positive people-parents, families, teachers etc.  That any negative attitudes don't take hold in their life.  That selfishness is replaced by love and kindness.  That the children learn to yield to the good influences rather than the bad.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May 23, 2011 - Oakland County Cruisers

We prayed for the Oakland County Cruisers baseball team and visited the area where the stadium is to be.  We'd love to see it be a place where families can go and have fun without worry of crime.  We'd love to see it be an excellent stadium that is clean and well maintained.  We'd love to see all the obstacles resolved and all the financing to come through for this stadium.

May 23, 2011 - Initial Prayer

Waterford is in a position to be a host to the world!  We have opportunity to step up to the plate and be an excellent host to travelers, visitors, sports figures, business people, filmmakers, politicians and whoever else comes to the area.  We can provide a place of peace, safety, and comfort to all who come here.  As a fountain bursts high with fresh, not stagnant, waters, Waterford can spring high calling attention worldwide.  Hospitality will have to be a strong point.

Waterford is the home of the Oakland County International airport and the future Oakland County Cruisers minor league baseball team.

It is, and will be even more, a good place to live.  I think property values will increase as it becomes known that this is a good place to live.

Recent economic problems may have caused some to feel that their position, talents or importance is not being recognized.  This may lead first to anger, then arrogance and attempts at self-promotion.  But the truth is, it doesn't matter who, or even if, you are recognized or even appreciated by others.  Your value and worth comes from within-from God. 
It doesn't matter if people see it or not, He does.  Humility is key.  Obtaining God's love, wisdom, humility and hospitable attitude will bring peace to your heart.  Be ready.
Pray for hotels, cruisers baseball team, the airport, the police and fire departments, the township government, the schools, parks, businesses and lakes.