Thursday, September 1, 2016

Winds of Preparation, Words from His Heart

Holy Spirit, breathe upon Waterford. Let Your wind blow, alerting us to the movement of the Lord, moving our way. Come this way O Lord! Move upon us! As we feel Your wind, we prepare our hearts to receive You--the Word of God. As we feel the breeze and movement of the Spirit of God, we prepare our hearts to listen for, and receive, the Words You will speak to us. The winds of repentance and preparation are here! We respond and prepare our hearts for You. We are ready to listen to You speak.

Your breath, Your words, bring a conversion from dark to light. Ignite the dark places of Waterford! Of Oakland County, and southeastern Michigan. Your Word brings light. Your Word spoken with the breath of God, creates and gives life. It gives understanding and wisdom. We speak Your Word with Your breath--by Your Spirit. We breathe in Your Spirit, fill us! And we breath out Your Words.

Your Words convert the sinner, heal the bodies, forgive, restore and bless. Your breath leads and guides into all truth, revealing Jesus Christ as the path to the Father. Your voice, O Lord, vibrates and penetrates into our hearts, and all the hearts of this region. Holy Spirit, blow this way. Lord, move this way, and speak to us!

Re-prayer September 2013