Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Ekklesia, Priests, Ambassadors & Prophets Arise

Father God, we repent on behalf of those in Waterford who are disobedient to You and Your commands. All those in family, business, government, the schools, parks etc. We ask for Your mercy and grace, and for the blood of Jesus to cleanse us from all sin. Forgive us, Your church, for tolerating Jezebel or any evil spirits that are contrary to You and Your ways. Let Your church rise up as examples of You. Let us rise up as the healers and those who bring reconciliation with You. Let the prophets arise and speak Your anointed words--seed-words of destiny. Let us be hospitable to all, and judge all things by Your Spirit, speaking the truth in love.

Where there were thieves, let there be hard workers
Where there was welfare, let there be entrepreneurs
Where there was irresponsibility, let there be responsibility
Where there was violence, let there be self-control
Where there was laziness, let there be giving
Where there was a party spirit, let there be holiness
Where there were missing parents, let there be whole families
Where there was envy, greed, and selfishness, let there be giving, contentment, and love

We, the church will be the ekklesia that we are called to be, taking authority over the enemy
We will be the priests we are called to be in intercession and standing in the gap for the lost & hurting
We will be Your ambassadors united the hearts of God and man
We will be Your prophets speaking transforming words of destiny and life

Re-prayer April 2014