Saturday, December 26, 2015


"Lord, we don't want to just go through the motions of life without honoring You in all we do. We don't want to live life apart from You and just "add You on" as a task or chore. We want an intertwining of You into our entire being--our lives, families, finances and occupation.

"I pray for Pastors and parents, that they recognize the gifts in those they care for, and encourage them, train them in those gifts.

"May we take the initiative to be about Your business. As we breathe in the breath of Your Spirit, and breathe out (speak) our own words, may they honor You and advance Your will in the earth. David took the initiative and wanted to build a permanent house for You. This pleased You. Yet he did it the way You desired--by giving it to his son to do and not building it himself. (1 Kings 8:17-19). May we do the same--may we look for ways to honor You, yet seek You, and follow Your path and plan. May we train our children to continue with Your business.

"We don't want to trust in the facades of our own "good works" or wealth, or the efforts of protection and provision that we create, but we trust in You. We ask for Your marvelous, arresting wonder to capture the attention of the people of Waterford. May they rise up as a mighty army of praying, worshiping warriors for You!"

"Lord, establish houses of intercession--places of continual prayer and worship that will release evangelism into the community, in addition to giving You the worship that You deserve. The Bangor Abbey of Waterford."

Re-prayer December 2012