Friday, July 6, 2018

No More Monument Christianity!

I saw in a vision, people in Waterford looking empty, like empty shells, like they had no blood in them. They were like a statue, not able to move or do anything. Then I saw the Lord begin to fill them with His blood. These were not unbelievers, they were Christians, but they were immobilized because of not being filled with His blood. As the blood filled them, it flowed to their entire body--hands, feet, stomach, lungs, minds etc. I knew then that God wants to fill His people completely, but many have not allowed His blood to flow into every part of their body. I believe this represented His church in Waterford--the body of Christ, not just individual believers.

As His blood flowed into their hands--it affected what they did. When it flowed into their feet--it affected where they went and what happened when they went there. When it flowed into their lungs and heart--then what they spoke was from the Lord. Even their stomach and digestion system was affected by it and the food they ate, who they ate with, their survival, work, and fellowship with each other was affected. God wants every part of His church to be filled with His life-blood. Whether they are participating in work, fun, family etc. He wants to fill every part of His church.

When I saw this, I felt that many of His people have kept Him out of the main flow of their life. He wants to be a part of every area of the lives of His people. Even in recreation--going to a movie, a restaurant, the park etc. He wants to fill every area. He wants His life blood to flow through His people in every area of the community. When His blood flows to His body, the numbness will go away. His people have been numb, because the blood has not been flowing! Let it flow!

As this happens, His church becomes whole people. No longer will His people be empty shells that can't live and move. His people will live, move, and breathe, and will not be just an outward symbol of Christianity. Not an idol or monument. The enemy would settle for statues and would like to turn God's people into a monument, just a historical remembrance of Christianity in Waterford. No longer! God is calling His people to be a living, moving, breathing body that is alive now!

Lord, fill Your people with Your blood. Turn us into living, moving, breathing people for you. We are not monuments. Christianity is not just historically remembered in Waterford. Don't let Your church become a monument, let us be living, breathing places where You are active and Your blood is flowing. The oxygenated breath of Your Spirit is carried throughout. Bring us into a living place where we come alive in this community!

We repent for allowing this to happen. On behalf of Your church in Waterford, we repent for allowing Your church to become a monument. Please forgive us. We ask that it come to an end. That Monument Christianity comes to an end. That we become living, breathing people for You. Release the blood flow into Your people. Flowing and filling us up so we can live and move for You, as You desire. Thank You for Your forgiveness. Any right the enemy has had to freeze and paralyze us be dismissed. That this monument crack and the outer shell removed, so the living, breathing body is free to move. We want the reality of You to flow throughout our hearts and our community. You wouldn't show us this if you didn't want us to be free from this. Release the blood and the breath into Waterford, in Jesus' Name Amen!

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