Saturday, December 3, 2011

December 3, 2011 - Prayer

Let's not just pray from our mind to ease our conscience, convincing ourselves that we've done our duty because we've simply said a few words and put in our time, but instead let's pray from the heart, feeling God's heart, so we really mean it when we say, "Let Your kingdom come, let your will be done!"

We prayed this for the residents of Waterford and the businesses as well.  That the residents' faith is alive and real.  That the heart and soul of the businesses in the Township area are a blessing and in line with God's vision for this area.  For the leaders and mentors of the Township to rise up and fulfill their purpose as well. 
For all relationships--marriages, family, churches, teams, business partnerships etc. That how we all relate to one another is with love and unity. 
That lawlessness, desperation, frustration, selfishness, greed and hopelessness be displaced by righteousness, peace, patience, kindness, giving, hope, love, holiness and unity.
Romans 14:17 says the kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.
Specifically prayed for Grace Missionary Church and Baptist Fellowship and for the Southeast Quadrant of the Township.  We prayed for Haviland Elementary and once again the School Board Members, Township Departments & Government and our Elected Officials.  That the Township runs efficiently with the right number of positions and the right duties assigned to each position.  And that each person in each position has God's calling and anointing to function. 
I once had a dream of a huge tidal wave rising up out of Elizabeth Lake which was the Spirit of God flooding the whole area.  It was beautiful and powerful.  It was at the end of Marvel Place--a street off of Cass Elizabeth.  Truly this will be a Marvelous Place!

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