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Speaking Luke



Here are the "speaking the Bible" summaries for Luke.

Luke Summaries

Luke wrote his gospel after carefully investigating everything so Theophilus would know the exact truth about what he'd been taught. He wrote about Zacharias and Elizabeth having John the Baptist. He wrote about Mary becoming pregnant by the Holy Spirit. He wrote about Joseph. About Jesus' birth in Bethlehem and the shepherds who saw Him. Simeon and Anna in the temple when He was presented. Living in Nazareth. When He was 12 and stayed in Jerusalem after His family left for home.

John began preaching repentance for forgiveness of sins and baptized people. Jesus' baptism and temptation in the wilderness. His return in the power of the Spirit into Galilee. His rejection in His hometown of Nazareth. His residing in Capernaum and His popularity--crowds, teaching, healing, casting out demons throughout Judea. Miracles-catching fish, forgiveness, healing, feeding the multitudes, walking on water, raising the dead. The accusations from the Pharisees, scribes, elders, Sadducees. They accused, grumbled, criticized and challenged Him.

He called His 12 disciples and sent them out with authority. John questioned if He was the one, from prison. Jesus defended him to the people. He spoke parables and explained them to His disciples. Crowds continually thronged Him yet He felt power leave Him when one touched Him in faith. Peter said He was the Christ and He told him not to tell anyone. Elijah and Moses appeared to Him on the mountain in front of Peter, James, and John. The disciples argued about who was the greatest. He said to be servant of all. He warned of the Pharisees hypocrisy.

He told them to be ready and remain alert for His return. He told how He was going to be killed and rise the third day. He warned of wealth. He spoke of forgiveness, faith, humility, serving God and others. The Pharisees increased in anger at Him as He spoke to them in parables about them. He went to Jerusalem and taught in the temple. Judas betrayed Him. They all left Him. Peter denied Him. He was crucified between two criminals, but He rose the third day just as He said He would. He appeared to His disciples and many others and ascended into heaven at Bethany, telling His disciples to wait in Jerusalem until they received power from on high.
  • Where do you find the Lord but in His Father's house?
  • Where do you find your identity, your family, and who you are called to be but in the house of your heavenly Father?
  • You will find Him when you stay where He is and listen and learn of Him.
  • Find out who He is and you'll find out who you are.
  • There's timing, there's testing, then there's power of the Spirit.
  • Some will gladly receive, some will violently reject.
  • One crowd tried to keep Him, another tried to kill Him.
  • In all cases, speak, teach, and preach the Word of God to overcome, to set free, and to teach truth.
  • Beware of criticism, accusation, and envy which blinds the mind, making the heart hard and unable to see the presence of the Lord or His work. It prohibits understanding of His word and His ways.
  • Draw close to Him to hear what He is saying. You will see, know, and experience His truth and goodness.
  • Come to Him with repentance, humility, and submission to Him and His ways. If so, you'll acknowledge His justice and you'll know how to receive His purpose for you.
  • Love Him much by acknowledging all He's forgiven you of.
  • It's not just the worries of this life that crowd out His Word in your heart, its the pleasures too.
  • Make room for His Word in your heart and life. Hear it and do it and you'll have access to His presence as family.
  • To those who follow Him, take up their cross daily, make Him their first priority, sit at His feet and listen, He gives authority over demons and disease, to proclaim that the kingdom of God has come. 
  • But rejoice, not in your authority over demons, but that your names are written in heaven.
  • Follow Him to the path of death, not greatness in the eyes of man.
  • Be like a child, love your neighbor, and learn who that is.
  • The Word of God does not adapt itself to you, you must adapt your life to the Word of God, to truth. Let it bring correction. Let it instruct you. Seek to know the Author. 
  • Know the Father who loves and cares for you, who provides for you.
  • Seek His will and do it.
  • True family is made up of those who hear and do the Word of God.
  • Be ready, watch, guard, treat others well, know His will, and live accordingly. 
  • Be faithful and wise in what He has given you to do.
  • Recognize the narrow door while it is open. It won't always be.
  • Timing.
  • Now is the time to take the low seat, humble yourself.
  • Give to those who can't repay you.
  • Put compassion above religious tradition.
  • Follow the example of the Lord.
  • Carry your cross.
  • Earthly possessions are not eternal. Give.
  • Use earthly possessions for eternal purposes.
  • Use the wealth of this world for eternal purposes, not to impress people with or to live in comfort while others suffer. Don't become attached to your possessions.
  • Serve God, not wealth.
  • Keep His Word.
  • The purpose of serving Him is not meant to be to draw attention to yourself, to how good you are, but is simply what a servant does on a normal day to day basis.
  • Don't look for the praises of man, but to please your Master.
  • Those who love to receive honor and gain challenged the Lord and His authority. They rejected Him, tried to trick Him and cause Him to stumble.
  • Those who should be working for Him, producing fruit, gaining for His kingdom, were the very ones who killed Him.
  • Instead, follow Him, keep His Word, the commands of God, bear fruit and give. Give to Him.
  • Be generous and kind to others, to the poor.
  • Be honest.
  • Beware of those who love the honor of man and gain.
  • Things are not always as they appear.
  • An inexpensive gift may be more valuable than a costly one.
  • What appears strong, beautiful, and foundational may be short-lived.
  • One who appears trust-worthy may betray.
  • One who appears strong may be weak.
  • One who is great, may not be. One who serves is great.
  • Judge all things by something more than their outward appearance.
  • Pay attention and learn to judge as the Lord does.
  • Jesus told His disciples what was going to happen to Him, but they didn't understand. When it did happen, and He arose, they didn't believe. Not until He physically appeared to them. Then He opened their minds to understand the Scriptures. He ascended to the Father who sent power from on High. 
  • Receive the Holy Spirit. Understand and believe His Word, and testify to what He's done in your life.

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