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Speaking 1 & 2 Peter


1 & 2 Peter

Here are the "speaking the Bible" summaries for the Peter's.

1 Peter Summaries

Peter wrote this letter possibly around 66-67 A.D. from Babylon. He speaks of the mercy of God which called us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus to an imperishable and undefiled inheritance. He speaks about going through trials and suffering. He says to submit to authorities by doing right. This will silence the ignorance of foolish men. He says its better to suffer for doing right, then wrong. When we do, and patiently endure, we find favor with God. Christ was our example in this. He didn't threaten when reviled. He bore our sins so we may die to sin and live to righteousness.

Do not live for the flesh. Christ suffered in the flesh. Do the same, for he who suffers in the flesh has ceased from sin. The proof of their faith through trials will result in praise and glory. He says they are being built up as living stones to a spiritual house, a royal priesthood. They're born again by an imperishable seed. The end of all things is near so be of sound judgement and sober spirit for prayer. Cast your anxieties on Him and resist the devil firm in the faith.
  • Suffering, trials, and difficulties are ingredients to strong faith.
  • They strengthen the living stones which build the house of God--the royal priesthood, the holy nation of God.
  • It is an imperishable seed which gives birth to the new heart. The heart which is able to resist sin and be of sound mind and sober judgment.
  • The end result of your faith will be praise and glory--and you will be strengthened, established, perfected, and confirmed.

2 Peter Summaries

Peter wrote this letter around 68-69 A.D. about a year after his first one and not long before the destruction of Jerusalem. He says that God has given us all things that pertain to life and godliness, and by these things He has given us precious promises so we may be partakers of His divine nature. Because of this, apply diligence, moral excellence, knowledge, self-control, perseverance, godliness, brotherly kindness, and love, for these things will make you fruitful in the knowledge of Jesus and if you practice them you'll never stumble.

Peter says he'll be leaving Earth soon and wants them to remember this. He has made known to them what he heard for himself and no prophecy of Scripture is for man's own interpretation, but God speaking through the Holy Spirit. He warns of false teachers arising. Many will follow but God will judge them. He describes those who indulge the flesh and despise authority--for whom the black darkness has been reserved. They entice with words, sensual and fleshly desires, promising freedom while they are enslaved. They will mock in the last day, saying He won't come, but He will. He's patient, not wanting any to perish. 1000 years is as a day and a day as 1000 years to Him. So behave in holy conduct and godliness, looking for and hastening His coming.
  • God's nature, which we have through His promises, and the knowledge of Him, through which we can practice godliness, will keep us from stumbling.
  • His nature will keep us from falling for false teaching and being led astray by indulging the flesh.
  • Look for Him. He will return.
  • Look for and hasten His coming.
  • When you see someone who is deceived, you know they have fallen after the lusts of the flesh.

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