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Speaking John



Here are the "speaking the Bible" summaries for John.

John Summaries

In the beginning, nothing was made without the Word of God. He was the life, the light of men, and whoever believed in Him was given the right to become a son of God. The Word was made flesh--Jesus Christ. John testified of Him. John was the voice that made way for Him. He said that He would baptize in the Holy Spirit. Andrew, Peter, Philip, and Nathaniel began to follow. Jesus' first miracle in Cana was turning the water into wine at a wedding where they ran out of wine. He drove the money changers out of the temple and they challenged His authority.

Nicodemus came to Him at night and Jesus told him he had to be born-again to enter the kingdom. People told John that Jesus was baptizing and John said, as the friend of the bridegroom he rejoices. He must increase while John decreases. Jesus spoke to the woman at the well in Samaria. He healed in Capernaum from afar. He healed a man at the pool of Bethesda on the Sabbath. He called God His Father and that angered the religious leaders. He said whoever hears and believes in Him has eternal life. He said both John and His Father, through His works, testify of Him. 

Large crowds followed Him because of the healings He did and the miracles--He fed the 5000, walked on water. The crowd sought Him out asking for more signs. He said He was the bread from heaven and they must eat His flesh and drink His blood to live. Many turned away from Him at hearing that, but not the twelve. Jesus' brothers didn't believe in Him and tried to get Him to go publicly to the feast, but He didn't. He went privately. Then He stood up and taught at the feast. The people were divided. Some believed, some didn't. They said the Messiah was supposed to come from Bethlehem. Jesus just said He came from heaven. The leaders wanted Him arrested. They said the crowd who doesn't know the Law is accursed. Nicodemus said they needed to hear from Him, but they said, search the Scriptures no prophet comes from Galilee. If only they knew Him better, they would have known He fulfilled the Scriptures.

Jesus forgave the adulteress. He spoke of those who believed in Him and His Word being made free which offended the Jews, because they said they were of Abraham and were free. Jesus said they were of their father the devil and they wanted to stone Him. He healed the man born blind from birth on the Sabbath. The Pharisees objected, questioned the man and his parents and ultimately cast him out of the synagogue. Jesus came so the blind could see and those who see will be made blind--their sin remains. 

He said He's the door and whoever tries to enter through any other way is a thief and robber who came to kill, steal, and destroy. Jesus is the Good Shepherd who gives life and life abundantly. They asked plainly if He was the Messiah. He said His works testify of Him. They wanted to stone Him. He left and then went back to Bethany and raised Lazarus from the dead. The religious leaders wanted to kill Him and Lazarus. Many believed because of Lazarus. Mary anointed Him with expensive perfume and Judas objected. 

Jesus entered Jerusalem and the crowd welcomed Him crying Hosanna! He spoke of His death and a Voice from heaven spoke. The crowd heard but didn't understand. Some rulers believed but wouldn't confess Him because they wanted the approval of man and not to be put out of the synagogue. He said the Word He's spoken is what will judge in the last day. 

Jesus told His disciples He's going to the Father and through Him they can too. The Father in Him speaks and does the works. He who believes in Jesus will do the same works, and greater, because He goes to the Father, and the Holy Spirit will come. As we abide in Him and He in us, we will ask what we will and He'll do it. His commandment is to love one another as He has loved us. Bearing fruit glorifies the Father and proves we are His disciples. The world will hate us because it hates Him. The Spirit of truth will testify of Him and so will those who were with Him from the beginning. 

Jesus tells His disciples what will come for them--trouble. But its better for Him to go because then the Holy Spirit will come. He comforted them--the Father loves them because they believe in Him. He prayed to the Father for them, for them to become one as They are and to be kept from the evil one, to be sanctified in truth. He sent them into the world as the Father sent Him. He prayed not just for them, but for those who believe in Him through their word. 

Then Jesus went to the garden, past the ravine of Kidron. Judas brought soldiers there and they arrested Him. He was brought to Annas, then Caiaphas the high priest, then Pilate, and then crucified at the request of the Jewish leaders and the crowd, though Pilate found no fault in Him. Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus took His body into a tomb. On the first day of the week Mary Magdalene came and saw the tomb empty and the stone rolled away. She told the disciples. Peter and John came and left. She stayed and wept and saw two angels and Jesus. He also appeared that evening to the disciples except Thomas. Eight days later He appeared again to them with Thomas. Then again at the sea of Tiberius where they caught 153 fish at His word and ate at the shore. He told Peter how he'd die. John said the gospel was written so you could believe in Him and have life.
  • He came as a light. His words enlighten. 
  • Words of life which enlighten men--ignites them. Igniting in them life and light itself.
  • The Light drives out darkness. Its laws are greater than the laws of the earth, the laws of man.
  • Follow Him into the great baptism of the Holy Spirit. Let Him ignite you.
  • True worshipers of the Father worship in spirit and truth.
  • Let what you've been taught, how you've been raised, and your position in life, all lead you to the Lord--the Light who reveals all truth and the path to the Father.
  • Hear the Son of God. Believe He's the Son of God, and that He said and did what the Father sent Him to do.
  • Do what He says, follow His Word, consume His Word. Make it a part of you and you will have eternal life and will be raised up to life on the last day.
  • Those who are of God, who know the Father and want to do His will, also know the Son and know that His words are the Words of God.
  • Believe in Him, that He is sent from the Father.
  • Continue in His Word. Make room for His Word and be His disciple. You'll know the truth and be free.
  • Come to Him to quench your thirst and drink of the river of the Spirit, and let it flow out.
  • Everyone must enter through the door--sheep and shepherd alike.
  • Jesus is the door and He is the Good Shepherd who gives His life for the sheep.
  • Thieves, not shepherds, try to get in some other way. These try and justify themselves. They think they see when they're blind. 
  • The sheep know the Voice of their Shepherd and follow Him. They go in and out through the door and find pasture.
  • The thieves kill, steal, and destroy, but Jesus gives life and life abundantly.
  • There is a death that leads to life. Lazarus experienced it and many believed in Jesus--the Resurrector--the giver of life, as a result.
  • Jesus experienced this death so all could walk in the light of His life. 
  • But some didn't see or understand or believe. Some wouldn't confess Him because they loved their own life, position, and approval of man.
  • But you, come to the light and believe so you may become sons of Light.
  • The Lord's command is to love one another as He has loved us. This proves our love for Him and that we are His disciples. It also brings the love and abiding of Jesus and the Father into us, and us into Him.
  • When that happens, ask what you will and it will be done. Ask in love for others. Intercede.
  • Bear fruit and you'll be pruned, but not cut off. His Word prunes.
  • The Holy Spirit from the Father, the Spirit of Truth, will help and teach you.
  • The Holy Spirit can remain in the Earth, in the hearts of people, passed down to future generations through the words of believers.
  • People can know God the Father and Jesus His Son through the Spirit and the Words of Truth.
  • This is eternal life, knowing God and Jesus.
  • As the believers keep His Word, their prayers are answered, they are kept in the Father's name from the evil one and are united, sanctified in Truth, which is His Word. They are loved by both the Father and Jesus.
  • The time of betrayal, false accusations, rejection, and suffering seems like a great defeat. It looks like the end comes in defeat. Especially when it appeared the Lord left the ones He loved. During times of apparent defeat, look back at what He said, His promises, His words. Look closely and find the true meaning. Find the hope and joy of what is to come. 
  • What does His ascension mean? What does it mean to you? How does it direct your time, your job, your calling, your life? What story does it tell of your life? What testimony? What witness? What contribution to history does it add? How does it confirm that Jesus is the Son of God so others may believe and have eternal life?
  • Tell your story, it is the gospel of this age. 

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