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Speaking 2 Corinthians


2 Corinthians

Here are the "speaking the Bible" summaries for 2 Corinthians.

2 Corinthians Summaries

Paul writes again to the church at Corinth in the autumn of 57 A.D. from Macedonia. He speaks of God's comfort, of their troubles in Asia, and of his intention to come to them but why he didn't. He wanted to give them time to respond to his last letter in confronting the one in sin. He says now to forgive the person and that their obedience was put to the test so Satan wouldn't get an advantage over them. He asks if he needs letters of commendation, yet they--the Corinthians--are their letter of commendation, written by the Spirit of God on the human heart.

The new covenant is a greater glory than the old. The veil, which covers the glory, is still in the reading of the old, but removed in Christ when a person turns to the Lord. We see that we are being changed into His image. If the gospel is veiled its veiled to the perishing whom Satan has blinded the minds of, so they can't see the light of the gospel. But God shines in our heart to give light of the knowledge of His glory in the face of Jesus Christ. This treasure is in earthen vessels.

They are afflicted in every way. The outer man is decaying, but the inner man is renewed daily. What is seen is temporary, the unseen is eternal. If the earthly tent is torn down, they have an eternal house. We groan in the body, preferring to be absent from the body and at home with the Lord. Anyone in Christ is a new creature. He died for all so we live to please Him, not ourselves. As ambassadors for Christ, God is appealing to them through Him--be reconciled to God on behalf of Christ who was made sin so all could become righteous.

Paul says he is not restraining them, but their affections are. Don't be bound with unbelievers, be separate and God will receive you as a Father. Even though his letter made them sorry, he rejoices that they repented. He tells them to get their gifts ready for the saints. A person reaps according to how they sow--grudgingly or bountifully. God loves a cheerful giver. He supplies seed and bread. He multiplies the seed sown and increases the harvest of righteousness. 

Paul says to bear with him while he talks of himself. He defends his apostleship. He performed the signs of a true apostle while among them, other than not burdening them with his needs. False apostles are trying to take opportunity to be regarded as an apostle of Christ. He speaks of himself, his sufferings, his visions and revelations, and says this kind of foolish boasting doesn't profit anything. His thorn in the flesh was sent to keep him humble. The Lord said power is perfected in weakness so he's content with weakness because when he's weak he's strong. 

He's concerned when he comes they will be disappointed in each other He's writing severely now so in person he won't need to, but he has the Lord's authority to build up, not tear down. Whether they approve of him or not, he prays they do not do wrong, but what is right.
  • Comfort others with the comfort you've received from God.
  • Don't be ignorant of the enemy's schemes.
  • God leads you in triumph in Christ which produces a sweet aroma of the knowledge of Christ--the fragrance is life to the saved, but death to the perishing.
  • Greater glory and life is revealed in Christ.
  • The veil is removed, look and see yourself changing into His image from the old to the new.
  • Unveil the gospel of Christ. Unblind the minds which the enemy has blinded.
  • Let the light shine in the hearts and give light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.
  • While we are in our earthly tent, we groan for our eternal house. 
  • We still desire to please the Lord, yet God, in and through us new creatures in Christ, makes the appeal to others to be reconciled to Him--to come out of sorrow and into repentance without regret, to the path of salvation. 
  • Come to the one who gives, who supplies seed and bread and multiplies and increases what you sow and give so you may have an abundance in all things.
  • Abound in every good work and reap a harvest of righteousness.
  • Look beyond the appearance of others. Look to their hearts, actions, and speech.
  • Kindness is not weakness.
  • In weakness power is perfected.
  • Look for the power and authority of God, not man, in a person to judge whether they are of God and in their scope of authority in Him or not. 

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