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Speaking Hosea, Joel, and Amos


Hosea, Joel, & Amos

Here are the "speaking the Bible" summaries for Hosea, Joel and Amos.

Hosea Summaries

The Lord compares Israel to a harlot who has committed adultery against the Lord. A spirit of harlotry kept them from returning to Him. He delights in loyalty and knowledge of God over sacrifices. They don't consider that the Lord remembers their wickedness. They make kings and princes, but not by Him. They mix themselves with the nations who, by doing so, are able to devour their strength. His law is regarded as a strange thing. He does not delight in their sacrifices--idols of their silver and gold. Their prophets and inspired men are foolish and demented because of their iniquity. 

The forefathers were like the earliest fruit, but then went to Baal-peor. The more Israel prospered, the more they turned from the Lord. The high places will be destroyed. Samaria will go to Assyria. Sow with a view to righteousness. Reap in accordance to kindness. Break up your fallow ground, its time to seek the Lord. Yet He can't give them up again. They will return from all over and walk with Him. He'll settle them in their houses.

Jacob took his brother's heel in the womb and as a man he contended with God. Ephraim said because he's become rich, there's no iniquity in his labors. The Lord gave them pasture, they became satisfied, and their satisfaction made them proud. They forgot the Lord. Take words and return to the Lord. He will heal their apostasy and love them freely. Whoever is wise and discerning, understand that the way of the Lord is right. The righteous will walk in it, but the wicked will stumble in it.

  • Remember the Lord, the husband of your youth. The one who gave you all you have.
  • Remember Him and do not play the harlot.
  • Return to the One. The Most High God.
  • The lion stands for righteousness and justice. He slays the wicked. Don't be wicked.
  • Return to the Lord.
  • Don't set kings and princes in place who are not of God.
  • Don't give your strength to strangers or put your children under authority not placed by God.
  • God takes pleasure in loyalty, and knowledge of Him over sacrificial offerings.
  • Take your breath--the breath of your generation--and breathe out words. Words to return to the Lord with.
  • Ask for iniquity to be taken away, for the Lord to receive you graciously.
  • Don't let your times of satisfaction and prosperity lead you away from the Lord--the One who gave you satisfaction and prosperity.
  • Be wise and discerning and understand that the way of the Lord is right.
  • Walk in His way.

Joel Summaries

The word of the Lord to Joel. Has anything like this happened before? Tell your sons and their sons. The Lord has sent His army--the locusts. The swarming, stripping, creeping, and gnawing locusts. A nation has invaded His land--mighty without number. The field is ruined. The land mourns. Grain and drink offerings are cut off. The priests mourn. Consecrate a fast, a solemn assembly. The Day of the Lord is near. It will come as destruction from the Almighty. A day of darkness and gloom. A great and mighty people that leave the garden of Eden before them as desolation behind them. Nothing escapes His army. His camp is great. Strong is He who carries out His word. Who can endure? 

Yet even now, return to the Lord, He may relent. Blow a trumpet. Consecrate a fast. He will be zealous and satisfy His people and remove the northern army. He's given you the early and latter rain as before. He will make up for the years of the locusts. After this, He will pour out His Spirit on all flesh. Your sons and daughters will prophesy. Old men will dream dreams. Young men will see visions. He will display wonders in the Earth--blood, fire, columns of smoke. The sun will turn dark, the moon blood before the great and awesome Day of the Lord. Whoever calls on His name will be delivered. At that time, when He restores the fortunes of Judah and Jerusalem, He will gather all nations to the valley of Jehoshaphat--the valley of decision. Multitudes in the valley of decision. He will enter into judgment with them on behalf of Israel whom they've scatted and divided their land. The harvest is ripe. Put in the sickle. The sun and moon grow dark, the stars dim, the Lord roars. Heaven and earth tremble, but the Lord is a refuge for His people and a stronghold for Israel. Jerusalem will be holy.

  • Whoever, wherever, and whenever you are--the answer is to turn to the Lord. To call on His name.
  • No one can endure His judgment or stand against His army.
  • Make the decision to call on Him.
  • He will pour out His Spirit.
  • He will make up for the years of the locust.
  • He will send the rains.
  • He is a refuge for His people. A stronghold for Israel.
  • The Lord dwells in Zion.
Amos Summaries

Amos was a herdsman and grower of sycamore figs when the Lord called him to prophesy to Israel during the time of Jeroboam II. He had visions for all the tribes and other nations as well--Damascus, Gaza, Tyre, Edom, Ammon, Moab. God reminded the Israelites of what He did for them when He brought them out of Egypt, but they followed the sins of their fathers instead. He raised up prophets and Nazarites, but they told the prophets not to prophesy and made the Nazarites drink wine.

There is a reason, of course, for all things that happen. If there is a calamity, hasn't the Lord done it? But surely He does nothing without revealing to His servants the prophets. The Lord has spoken, who can but prophesy? All these calamities have happened, yet they have not returned to the Lord. There's no one to raise Israel up. She'll be brought down 90%. 

Seek the Lord. Seek good, not evil, so you may live. What will the Day of the Lord be for you? Darkness or light? He rejected their festivals, solemn assemblies, offerings, the noise of their songs and harps. In the 40 year wilderness they carried their images and didn't sacrifice to Him. They will go into exile. Woe to those who live at ease in Zion and Samaria. They've not grieved over the ruin of Joseph. 

The Lord showed Amos locusts and fire destroying the land. Amos prayed and God relented, but showed him a plumb line and said Israel would not be spared anymore. The sword is against the house of Jeroboam. Amos was accused of conspiracy and told to go prophesy in Judah. He had a vision of summer fruit and was told Israel would be spared no more. Their greed, cheating, and dishonesty was spoken of. He'll bring a famine for the word of the Lord, but no one will find it. He will destroy the sinful kingdom, yet not all of it. He speaks of the restoration of the Booth of David and Israel to their land, never to be rooted out again.
  • There is a reason for the things that happen.
  • When calamity comes, hasn't the Lord done it?
  • Yet He reveals His secret counsel to His servants the prophets.
  • When He speaks, who can not prophesy?
  • Look at what is happening. See the cause. Listen to the prophets.
  • The Lord treads on the high places of the Earth. The Lord God of hosts is His name.
  • What will the Day of the Lord be like for you? Darkness or light?
  • Do you grieve over the sin of your nation? 
  • Do you pray for God's mercy?
  • Do you see accurately and judge as God does?
  • Do you seek the Lord? 
  • Do you seek good, not evil?
  • Are you impatient for the Sabbath to be over so you may resume your dishonest business?
  • Are your offerings, assemblies, and songs of worship sincere?
  • Do you long for the word of the Lord?
  • Do you know the Lord who is over all the heavens and the earth?

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