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Speaking Ezekiel



Here are the "speaking the Bible" summaries for Ezekiel.

Ezekiel Summaries

Ezekiel is a priest in captivity in Babylon. He has a vision of the Cherubim and the wheels. He receives his call to speak to the people of Israel who are stubborn. He would be mute and speak only when the Lord opened his mouth to speak until Jerusalem was captured. The Lord gave him intercessory and prophetic acts to do as examples/parables to the people. He built bricks and a siege ramp, he laid on his left and right sides for long periods of time, he was given a specific bread recipe, shaved his hair and beard etc.

Ezekiel saw visions and prophesied the destruction of Jerusalem, the sins of the people, and the glory of God leaving the temple. Those who grieved over the abominations would be marked on their foreheads, but everyone else would be killed. Some would leave the city, go into captivity and their life would be spared. Ezekiel prophesied that the Lord would one day gather and return His people to Jerusalem. They will have one heart, a new spirit. 

He prophesies against the prophets who don't speak God's words, but their own. Some come to inquire of the Lord, but the Lord will not speak for their hearts have idols. The Lord compares Jerusalem to an unwanted child whom He cared for. She grew strong, beautiful, mighty, and wealthy, but she forgot her youth and trusted in her beauty. She played the harlot with the nations. Nebuchadnezzar would come and destroy. They would try and trust Egypt but to no avail. Yet the Lord would save a sprig to put on the mountain of Israel to one day grow again. 

Each person will bear the consequence of their own sin or righteousness--not that of their father's sins. The prophet, the intercessor and watchman, needs to warn the wicked. He continues to speak of their sin--His people shedding blood--child sacrifices, idols, mistreatment, profaning the holy. Ezekiel's wife died as a sign. He was not to mourn. He prophesied against nations who rejoiced at Israel's fall. Who took advantage of her. He prophesied against the king of Tyre as Lucifer himself, in Eden, falling with pride. His wisdom and beauty corrupted him as he was internally filled with violence by the abundance of his trade.

He spoke against Egypt. Israel will never trust in them again. The watchman must sound the trumpet when he sees the sword or the blood of the wicked is on his hands. He said the people listen to Ezekiel like they would a pretty song, they hear but they don't do. He prophesied against the shepherds who don't care for the sheep but only themselves. The Lord will be their Shepherd. Israel will again rise and be a mighty army.

He prophesied against Gog and Magog. The Lord will bring Gog against Israel where he will be slaughtered along with all his troops and people. Israel will burn their weapons for seven years and bury their corpses for seven months. God will set His glory among the nations. In the 25th year of exile, Ezekiel had the vision of the city and temple sanctuary. A man like bronze with a measuring rod took him around and showed it all, measuring everything. The temple, sanctuary, altars where sacrifices are made, chambers and gates. There would be priests--Levites--but the sons of Zadok would be separate because they were faithful. There is a prince. The garments of the priests are described. The prince provides sacrifice for himself and the sins of the people. Water comes from under the temple and flows into a river where all who are in it live. Many fish of all kinds. Trees on the sides bear fruit every month because of the water from the sanctuary. Leaves are for healing. Division of the land to twelve tribes. All the aliens to be included as a native born and given inheritance with the tribes.

  • A word of warning, judgement, and truth from God is good.
  • Watchmen and intercessors, take all His words into your heart. Listen closely and speak.
  • Warn! Do. Display. Perhaps the rebellious will hear and repent.
  • The Lord's prophets proclaimed what would happen so the remnant of the remnant would know He is God.
  • His glory is not for the pride or pleasure of man.
  • Don't deny. Don't delay. Now is the time to turn to the Lord.
  • Submit and surrender to Him now.
  • Don't mislead the people by building a false wall of hope. It won't stand no matter how pretty you try and make it look.
  • Even if others agree, don't come to inquire of the Lord with idols in your heart and before your face.
  • Don't be pressured into giving a false word of pleasantry.
  • When judgment comes to a country, each one can only save themselves. 
  • It will be obvious that His judgment is not in vain as the survivors return to Him.
  • Remember--O Nation--who caused your growth, beauty, wealth, royalty. 
  • Turn away from your adultery, idols, and pride.
  • Humble yourself before the Lord and be kept from submission to foreign kings.
  • Keep God's covenant.
  • Remember your youth.
  • If judgment comes, submit to the Lord, not foreign alliances.
  • He only is the Lord who delivers.
  • Each one, come to the Lord with a sincere heart.
  • Seek His ways and the history of generations passed.
  • Don't blindly follow your fathers--the traditions and practices that are unrighteous.
  • Seek truth. Seek the Lord's righteousness.
  • What is right? Turn from the wicked ways and practices.
  • When sanctuaries are defiled both the righteous and wicked are cut off.
  • When dross forms on silver, the furnace of His anger melts it away.
  • Prophets are to build the wall and repair the breaches by speaking truth, not white washing lies.
  • Priests are to teach. Princes to be honest. People to be righteous.
  • Don't look to the political and military strength of other nations with desire. 
  • Look to the temple, but even then, not with pride--with humility, a longing desire for the presence of the Lord.
  • Those who laugh at the fall of His people and take advantage of it will suffer His wrath.
  • Wealth and beauty will not save in the day of His wrath.
  • Beauty can cause arrogance, and splendor can corrupt wisdom--even the wisdom which brought wealth.
  • Wealth can cause unrighteousness and violence.
  • Remember the Lord who gives beauty, splendor, wisdom, and wealth.
  • Honor Him in righteousness and humility.
  • Cling to Him, not these other things.
  • Arrogance can cause great leaders and nations to think they can never be brought down.
  • God gave a wailing and a lament to the prophet to bring it down.
  • Fear God and instruct the people to do the same.
  • Blow the trumpet when you see the sword--warn the people.
  • Shepherds, care for the people as you would your own life. They too must live and feed.
  • Don't live off the past. What is in your heart today?
  • Where are your attention and desires now?
  • The Lord will judge between sheep and set His Shepherd over them.
  • The land of Israel will bear fruit for God's people.
  • The land was defiled by their sin, possessed by their enemy, but God will gather and restore His people.
  • He will put His Spirit within them, breathe life into them. They will arise, walk in His ways, and be a mighty army.
  • One nation, with an everlasting covenant with God.
  • Gog will be summoned to invade with an evil plan, but the land will quake at the presence of the Lord and destroy him, so all nations will know that God is the Lord.
  • Those who oppose God and His people will not stand in the end.
  • He will make His name known and set His glory among the nations.
  • He will pour out His Spirit upon His people, having gathered them from their exile.
  • He will not hide from them again.
  • He will be their God and they His people.
  • The glory of the Lord will fill His prepared temple where the altar has been purified and consecrated on the most holy mountain, and where the wall separates the holy from the profane. Where the faithful and righteous priests minister properly clothed in the presence of the Lord. Where His throne is, and the soles of His feet are among His people forever.
  • The Lord has entered His temple. No more abominations.
  • Attend to your own sanctuary.
  • Remain faithful regardless of what others are doing.
  • Tend to the land He has allotted for you.
  • Worship, consecrate, be holy, and teach your children.
  • Jump into the river which flows from the sanctuary of God and live.
  • Eat the fruit.
  • The leaves heal.
  • Find your place, your tribe, your work in the city of God called, The Lord is There.

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