Monday, February 9, 2015

Intercessory Breaths For Your City

The other day I cleaned one of the rooms in my home which hadn't been used much lately. A lot of stuff had accumulated there and it had gotten dusty. I cleaned, organized and dusted. As I stood in the room, I saw how a room stays cleaner just by being used. Even if we just stand in a room and breathe, we filter some of the dust out of a room. In the same way, when we breathe out words of praise, it's like a filter to the spiritual atmosphere around us. When we live in a city, day in and day out, we are breathing in and out, speaking words of either life or death, affecting the atmosphere the whole time. God said He would have spared Sodom and Gomorrah for just ten righteous. Just ten righteous people living, breathing, and speaking in a city will affect the city in such a way that can keep it from destruction. 

The key is consistency. James said that from the same mouth should not come both blessing and cursing. A fountain doesn't send out both fresh and bitter water, so we should not flip back and forth between good words and bad. Of course the only way to consistently speak good is for our heart to be filled with good. This only comes through being born again, becoming a new creation in Christ Jesus, and pressing in to Him daily with a heart that is wholly committed and surrendered to Him. As intercessors and prayer warriors for the Lord, let's be sure we do this first, and then stand in the gap for our cities!

Lord God, help us to do this, and may all of us in this township who believe in You, present ourselves to You whole-heartedly.

Genesis 18:32; James 3:10-12; Matthew 12:33-37; 2 Chronicles 16:9
re-prayer February 4, 2012

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