Friday, February 27, 2015

Hearing the Voice

My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me;
John 10:27

In order to hear the voice of the Shepherd, we need to listen for it. Jesus is the Great Shepherd and He knows those who are His sheep--those who listen for, and hear, His voice. Once we hear His voice and do what He says--following Him--then we are outwardly identifying our inward belonging to Him. If we skip the step of listening and hearing, and just try and follow Him as an obedient sheep, we miss the whole experience of knowing Him. The greatest joy as a Christian comes from intimately knowing our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Lord, I pray that all those who consider themselves a Christian, take time to get quiet before You on a regular basis and listen to hear Your voice. I pray that we get away from the busy, hectic times of life and find that peaceful pasture with You. May we never try to look like Your sheep, without actually being Your sheep. I pray that we lay aside all of our dead, religious works, so that all we do is birthed from a joyful, intimate relationship with You. As we long for You, we belong to You.

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