Saturday, December 20, 2014

Prayer Leaders Arise!

I pray for the prayer ministry leaders of the Waterford churches. God, raise them up in every church. Give them a prophetic influence and anointing. Let Your prayer leaders have a voice of influence that becomes strong and increases. Raise up prayer leaders who are pure in heart and words. That they do not have a divided tongue and are not a double headed fountain that spews out both sweet and bitter waters, but speak by the Spirit of God and for the Spirit of God. Let them rise up as eagles to see and pray from Your perspective. That they impart a prophetic, intercessory, watchman, sons of Issachar anointing among those who gather and pray with them. Not to gather a following for themselves, for they are humble people. Lead them O God, in prayer for the township, the nation, the churches, schools and residents by Your Spirit. Show us O God, what is on Your heart. Lead us to speak Your words of life into and over those areas You desire to move in.

Psalm 19:14; James 3:11; 1 Chronicles 12:32
Re-prayer December 17, 2011

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