Saturday, December 6, 2014

Inside-Out Conversion

Lord, I pray for there to be a true, heartfelt sincerity among Your people concerning prayer. That the people truly desire for You to have Your way in this community. That we pray, not out of a sense of obligation but that we see that we need Your wisdom and we want to walk in Your ways, seeing that they are much better than what we could ever do on our own. I pray that we love and embrace Your ways. That we yield to You in every aspect of our lives. I pray that the same is true for the businesses of this community. 

Let the township have a true inside-out conversion experience. That we don't just appear to honor You outwardly, but we sincerely do honor You inwardly. I pray that there is true conversion--true salvation and sanctification--of this community and not just a shuffling around of the good, the evil or the religious. We don't want to see those who are not living for You be driven off to another community, but we want to see them become followers of You--becoming Your disciples. Not so we build a kingdom to ourselves, but so we build Your kingdom.

I pray for a fresh wind of the Holy Spirit of God to blow through this region, drawing men, woman and children to the Father through Jesus Christ. That each one grow up to maturity and function in the call You place on their lives. That they find the land of their anointing and worship You in it. I pray this be true for everyone, whether they live, work or visit this community--that they find their place in You and in the body of Christ.

Water-ford. May it truly be a ford--a place of crossing over. A place of new birth and new life. A place where people can pass from death to life. A place where we die to ourselves and live for You. A place where sin, selfishness and greed convert to holiness and righteousness!

Re-prayer December 3, 2011

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