Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Let the Children Come

I remember three years ago sensing God's heart for the children of Waterford. I felt He wanted to touch them in a great way, even giving them special encounters with Him. I still believe this today. At that time I felt that the churches would need to be prepared to minister to a greater number of children, even going out to get them if necessary. I feel it's important for us to realize that God doesn't view children as being less than adults in any way. Jesus said we must receive the kingdom of God like a child in order to enter in. He rebuked those who tried to keep the little children away from Him. I'm not convinced that ministering to the children means sending them off to a separate room. They are a part of the body of Christ, no less than the adults are. I think there are times to have the whole body together, including the children. When we come together, our main purpose is to minister to the Lord, not to be ministered to. We minister to Him in praise, worship and giving. When it comes to teaching, it may benefit to have the children separate, but other times it may not be such a good idea.

Father God, I pray You touch the heart of each child in Waterford. Open their hearts to receive Your love. Let them become aware of Your goodness towards them in a powerful, life-changing way. Give them special encounters with You--dreams, visions, revelation and visitation. Let them experience all they need to fulfill what You have called them to do. Let them receive the instruction, the mentoring and the impartations they need to be fully equipped for their purpose in life. May they become leaders in government, education and business. Impart wisdom to them that will benefit the township, the county, the state, even our country. Fill them with creative ideas and witty inventions. May they be spiritual leaders who know You and love to spend time with You. Let them be an army of worshipers with praise and thanksgiving continually on their lips. Position them O God, where they need to be. Speak to them O God so they know Your voice and follow You all the days of their lives. Open the eyes of the adults so we see the value of these children. That we see them how You see them and help them in their walk with You.

Mark 10:15; Matthew 19:14
Re-prayer December 10, 2011

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