Saturday, January 5, 2013

January 5, 2013-Choices

Prayer focus for the week of January 5-12, 2013

The church we are praying for this week is:
Lutheran Church of the Ascension
4150 Pontiac Lake Road

I pray for the mission statement of this church to become a reality, beyond what they could even dream.  It says on their website, "As followers of Jesus and as a faith community, we are called and sent to make disciples and be Christ's presence in the world."  I pray they truly do follow Jesus, become a faith community and fulfill their call to make disciples and be His presence in the world.

Today I also prayed for several families I personally know who live in Waterford.  That the Spirit of God would touch each of their hearts bringing salvation and life to their families.  I would encourage everyone reading this to pray for those you know who live in Waterford as well.

Also I pray for the choices made by each of our five groups of focus:
  • the residents of Waterford
  • the business owners
  • the school staff and board members
  • the church pastors, leaders and volunteers
  • and the governments of Waterford, Oakland County, Michigan and the United States.
I pray each choice leads to life.  That each choice furthers the Kingdom of God.  That each choice is divinely influenced by the Spirit of God.  That the choices each of these people make are not made carelessly.  That their decisions are birthed from hearts of peace, love and the wisdom of God.  That in all their ways they acknowledge You and You direct their paths. Proverbs 3:6.

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