Saturday, January 19, 2013

January 19, 2013- Salt is Good

Prayer focus for January 19-25, 2013
The Church we are praying for this week is:
Base Church7325 Maceday Lake Rd

Jesus said salt is good.  He told us to have salt in ourselves.  He said that we are the salt of the earth but that if salt loses its flavor then its not good for anything.  Mark 9:50, Matthew 5:13

Father God I pray that every Christian, every Christian family, every Christian Church in Waterford Township be salty.  I pray that our saltiness be restored and that we truly become the salt of the earth the way You want us to be.

We don't want to go around spreading salt that has lost its flavor.  You can't tell by looking at it that salt has lost its flavor.  Restore our saltiness to us God, like only You can!

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