Saturday, January 26, 2013

January 26, 2013- Healthy Schools

Prayer focus for the week of January 26-February 1, 2013
The church we are praying for this week is:
Bethany Baptist Church
1375 Hiller Road

Father God I pray for the safety and protection of the children in the schools.  I pray they are free from all harm, all epidemics and all predators.  As Your Word says, that no evil befall them and no plague come near their dwelling, (Psalm 91).  I pray for a healthy learning environment where they are able to develop in their individual gifts and talents.  That they don't follow a social/peer directed path for their life but that they look to You and follow You.  Lead them by the peace in their heart.

I pray for all of the teachers in all of the schools in Waterford-elementary, middle and high school.  All private schools, alternative schools and home schools--I pray for the principals and administrators and those on local, state and federal boards of education.  Those teaching the colleges and universities as well.  I pray that the light of the glorious gospel of Christ shine in their hearts.  That they believe in You and are saved.  That they look to You for guidance and they follow Your ways in building and directing our educational system.

Let there be revival in our schools and in our educational system, amongst all of our teachers and educators.  Let the Name of Jesus Christ be lifted up and exalted once again over our educational system.  Touch the heart of every child, every teacher, every parent, every home.  Draw them close to You Lord Jesus and show them Your ways.

Father, I pray for our churches as well, that they truly become sources of life, and not just a form of religious works and behavior that is not life-giving.  Sweep through all of the churches in Waterford with Your breathe of life!

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