Sunday, December 9, 2012

December 9, 2012 - The Ford of Waterford

Prayer focus for December 9-14, 2012

Father God, I pray for the Township Supervisor, Gary Wall, and all of the board members and trustees, as well as all those in decision making positions over Waterford Township.  Including county leaders, state and federal leaders.  I pray You give them wisdom and guide their decisions.  I pray that Waterford Township fulfills that which You've called her to do.  That Your kingdom be built.

A ford is a shallow place in a body of water where people can cross over.  There are a lot of travelers and visitors that go through Waterford.  Because of the airport and M59 there are people that visit and travel through.  God help us to show Your love and hospitality to people as they visit and travel through this Township.  Let Your people rise up as those who are a safe refuge and place of refreshing to others.  Protect our infrastructure.  Keep safe our water and sewer systems, our natural gas and electric lines. 

Father God, I pray for the Rolladium.  I pray for a fresh refreshing wind of Your Spirit to blow through there. I pray it be a place for families and friends to gather and enjoy each other.  That it be safe from all harm and fear of harm. God I pray for all those in the Township who are going through difficult times.  That those who know You remain faithful to You and those who don't know You turn towards You.  Let us learn from these difficult times and not develop resentments or bitterness.  Let us grow in wisdom and love and get our priorities right.  Help us to let go of all those things we need to let go of and focus on what is important and True.

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