Saturday, December 22, 2012

December 22, 2012 -Marvelous Salvation

Prayer focus for December 22-28, 2012

We can't expect anyone to love and honor the Lord Jesus Christ and celebrate His birth without first having received His love.  We love Him because He first loved us.  I pray that the people of Waterford have a revelation of the love that God has towards them.  I pray they have an awakening to His existence, His sovereignty and His love.  That they find hope in this and salvation in Jesus Christ and as a result, that they honor Him and celebrate His coming which brought the hope of our salvation.

I pray for the salvation of Waterford.  That whatever pain people are experiencing--addiction, family troubles, financial problems, health issues, depression etc.-- that people realize that in Jesus there is a solution to every problem, deliverance from every trap and freedom, life, love, health and peace.

The deeper the pain, the greater they will rejoice because He brings deliverance and great joy.  I pray we cast our cares on Him, realizing how much He cares for us.

One of the things I prayed for this past week for Newtown Connecticut after the school shooting was that they be comforted by the Lord and in turn eventually be able to comfort others with this same comfort.  I pray that for Waterford too, that people realize they can cry out to Him in their times of troubles.  That they look to Him for deliverance and salvation.  That they receive His comfort and eventually be able to comfort others themselves.

This week I was reminded of a dream I had in which a wave began rising out of Elizabeth Lake.  I was standing on the street called Marvel Place watching it.  And then it became such a huge wave that it overtook the whole earth.  As it washed over me it was an experience beyond words, but I knew it was the Spirit of God. This week I kept thinking about the word "Marvel."  According to the Noah Webster 1828 dictionary it means, "A wonder; that which arrests the attention and causes a person to stand or gaze, or to pause." Also, "Wonder; admiration."  I believe the Lord wants to rise up in Waterford and do great things.  Things that are from the Spirit of God and are a marvel.  Waterford--be a place of marvel!,marvel

1 John 4:19; Luke 7:40-43; 1 Peter 5:7; Romans 10:13; John 3:16; 2 Corinthians 1:4

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