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September 1, 2012 - Prayer for Schools / Not One Be Lost

Prayer focus for September 1, 2012-September 7, 2012
Prayer for the Schools and more...

There are several Scriptures the Lord gave me as we pray for the schools and this upcoming school year.  The children are our future and the Lord wants to get a hold of this generation.  We can't neglect our children and young people!  They have an important part to play in what God is going to do.  The schools, churches, families and all that affect our young people needs a fresh breath of the Holy Spirit-a tangible touch from Him!

Psalms 2:8: Ask of Me, and I will give You the nations as Your inheritance...
We usually use this verse to say that we should ask God for the nations, but actually He is talking to the Christ.  The King, His Son, whom, He is saying He will give the world to if He just asks.  This psalm speaks of rulers who want to break the restraints of the Lord off of them.  God laughs at this because He has placed His King in place.  This psalm tells us to be wise, serve the Lord and kiss the Son. 
As we pray for our leaders, we can pray for a heart change--humility and repentance before the Lord and tell the Lord Jesus Christ--the King of kings--that we surrender to Him and His authority, desiring for Him to take His place, asking for the nations.

2 Chronicles 20:17-22:
A Time of Worship & Prayer-
The Lord told them to stand still and see the salvation (deliverance) of the Lord concerning their upcoming battle.  They put praisers, singers and worshippers, before the army and went out to battle.  The Lord set ambushments against their enemies and they were defeated.  We need to worship Him, kiss Him, serve Him.  Worship comes first. What God wants to do in Waterford needs to be preceded with worship and prayer.  God is raising up worshippers and intercessors now!

2 Kings 4:1-7:
A period of grace to ask for what we want, lay a strong foundation through prayer and worship-
The widow woman had 2 sons whom the creditors were going to take away as slaves if she didn't pay her debts.  Elisha told her to go borrow vessels from her neighbors and go inside her home and shut the door with her sons.  He told her not to borrow a few vessels, (in other words--get a lot!)  He said to take the last pot of oil she had left and pour from it into the empty vessels.  She did so and all the vessels were filled.  When they had no more empty vessels the oil stopped flowing.  She sold the oil and paid her debt. The amount of her blessing was determined by the amount of vessels she borrowed.  We are in a time period right now where we are to be collecting empty vessels, (kind of like, sometimes you need to pray about what to pray about).  We are in a period now where God is saying-what do you want? How much of Me do you want?  How much do you want Me to do?  We are laying a foundation now and it needs to be strong enough to handle the move of God that's coming or we'll all be swept away!

Acts 15:16-17:
Worship & pray to bring the presence of God, harvest of souls!
The tabernacle of David speaks of praise worship, singing, musicians, psalms, even 24 hour prayer and worship, ministering to the Lord.  David's heart was always to have God's presence.  God is rebuilding the tabernacle of David so the "rest of the men" or the "residue of men" might seek the Lord.  When we worship Him after the pattern of the tabernacle of David it will bring in a harvest of souls.  It will reach the unbelievers and turn hearts towards Him!

Joel 2:28:
Our children are not excluded, and those who are children today are our future-
Joel prophesied that in the last days God would pour out His Spirit on all flesh.  That our sons and daughters would prophesy, our old men would dream dreams, our young men would see visions, that upon the menservants and maidservants He would pour out His Spirit and show signs in the heavens and earth before the return of Jesus Christ.  Our kids are not excluded from this pouring out of His Spirit.  We need to prepare for this.  We need to be ready to teach them, to answer their questions, to instruct them in the ways of the Lord.

Spiritual tenure-
I believe there is a ten year period of time that began in 2011 where God's people have an opportunity to build a foundation and build a great dwelling place for our King of kings.  These ten years will give us tenure--a type of spiritual authority through which God will be able to have His way through us.  It's up to us how many vessels we will borrow.  How empty will we get to allow room for His Spirit?  Let's bring the tabernacle of David back.  Let's worship Him 24/7.  let it be our goal that not one be lost.

As we pray for the schools, our children and families, let's pray for protection, an atmosphere of love and encouragement in every classroom, that each child has a healthy learning environment, discovers and develops in their God-given gifts, that their homes are filled with peace, protection, provision and the revelation of Jesus and His presence.  Pray that addictions are broken everywhere across the township, that the yokes of the enemy are removed. Pray for a revelation of the love of God that ignites thankfulness and worship in their heart, for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit to be on them as well, that they have encounters with God, and that they become passionate followers of the Lord Jesus Christ!

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  1. We started at 8:00 a.m. and it took us just under six hours, (including a lunch break). We visited 21 schools in the Township. At each one we prayed the prayer below and sometimes other things as well. We've started a web page for each school to begin a prayer history for each one.
    Prayer for all schools: For the children and families, teachers and staff--protection, an atmosphere of love and encouragement in every classroom. That each child has a healthy learning environment and discovers and develops in their God-given gifts. That their homes are filled with peace, protection, provision and the revelation of Jesus Christ and His presence. That addictions are broken in the families, teachers and staff represented at this school and the yokes of the enemy are removed. That they receive a revelation of the love of God that ignites thankfulness and worship in their hearts. For the outpouring of the Holy Spirit to be on them as well that they have encounters with God and they become passionate followers of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    We also prayed for protection against accidents and injuries, diseases and epidemics. Prayer about kids with ADD and hyperactivity. Nutrition and addiction, including sugar addictions, so kids are able to stay focused and learn. Also for kids with mental/emotional issues.
    The Scripture about the God of peace soon crushing satan under our feet came up a few times.
    Prayed concerning feelings of worry, anxiety, impatience, frustration, etc.
    Felt that as we physically showed up at each school the heavens were being opened and the presence of the Lord was visiting each place. As a tangible sign of this we left a rock at each school that had been prayed for. Let the rocks cry out!
    There were other things we prayed/perceived for individual schools which are on the School Prayer History pages.