Saturday, August 18, 2012

August 18, 2012-Prayer Walk

Today's walk was in the northeast quadrant of the township.  I had some children with me and we took notice of several things along the way and how God was speaking to us through those things. 

First were the beautiful wildflowers that were along this path.  We prayed that the beauty and uniqueness of each individual would flourish and that together all of the different types of people would create a beautiful bouquet in God's garden.  As a butterfly flew by we prayed for all types, (cultures), of people to come to the Lord and be born again.

We saw the trash along the path and in the ditches and talked about and prayed for a clean heart and that the Lord would go deep into the hearts of people to clean out what needs to be removed.  We also discussed how the Lord wants us to take care of ourselves, to live in health, (as one of us started sneezing from the wildflowers), and to take care of our planet and not throw trash all around. 

Some people were having garage sales and this again prompted a discussion about rather than throwing things away we can recycle and possibly make money.  Prayed for the provision of the people of the township.  God give people ideas for money-making and let them have enough vision to know what to keep and what to throw away so homes are free from clutter and become peaceful places to live!

As we saw animals-in the river, geese, birds, we saw the uniqueness of each one and how God has given each one different ways to protect themselves.  We prayed for protection for the township.

We prayed for each church that we walked by--Community Bible, Community of Christ and Faith Community.  (Apparantly community was a theme also!)  Prayed for the love of God to be revealed to all the people.  Community of Christ had a sign that said, "Be fishers of men.  You catch 'em and He'll clean them."  We talked about telling others about Jesus and allowing the Lord to work in them and not to be judgmental.

We saw someone at the cemetery grieving over a grave and prayed for his comfort. 

We saw several things that tried to distract us and get us off track from our prayer purpose.  We talked about the distractions that come to lead us away from prayer.

We talked about the love of God and how when its in us, we will love not only people, but the animals and our environment and will have a loving and kind attitude towards all that is around us.  Prayed that people would understand how much God loves them.

Prayed for God's goodness and love to be revealed to the people.  Without it people cannot repent or love and worship Him in return.

Before the walk began we read a portion from Rick Joyner's book-Visions of the Harvest.  He talks about seeing unity in the body of Christ over cities and spontaneous meetings and miracles that will affect entire cities!

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