Saturday, May 5, 2012

May 5, 2012 - Prayer Focus

Prayer Focus for May 5 to May 11, 2012
Northeast Quadrant
Cooley Elementary
Base Church
Community Bible Church
Community of Christ

God, let us hear You!  Let us see Your beauty and hear Your voice throughout Waterford Twp.  Let us recognize how You speak to us.  Let us feel Your heartbeat and the rhythym of Your Holy Spirit as we go about our daily lives interacting with people.

Romans 1:20 tells us that since the creation, God's nature and attributes can be clearly seen and understood through the things He has made. 

Father God, let the people of Waterford see You and come to an understanding of Your ways and plans for them as they see the beauty of Your creation in Waterford.  Let it speak to them of Your goodness, glory, grace and mercy.  Let all of nature speak to them, drawing them to You and softening their hearts towards You. 

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