Saturday, May 12, 2012

May 12, 2012 - Prayer Focus

Prayer focus for May 12-May 18, 2012

Lord we pray your glory rest upon Waterford Township.  We pray that You confuse and confound the plans of the enemy that would keep this from happening and that would keep people from the freedom and joy that you want them to have.
Lord, rearrange what You need to and move out the things that need to be moved out of our lives in order for this to happen.  We want to be filled with Your glory!

God, we proclaim that You are:
Confounding and moving out the enemy,
Making room for Your Holy Glory!

David said concerning his enemies:
"The Lord thundered from heaven, and the Most High uttered His voice.  He sent out arrows and scattered them; lightning confused and troubled them."
 2 Samuel 22:14-15

Have Your way in our lives.  Let Your kingdom come, Your will be done, in Waterford as it is in Heaven!
We thank You Lord, and fill our hearts with gratitude for what You are doing!

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