Saturday, May 19, 2012

May 19, 2012 - Prayer Focus

Prayer focus for May 19-25th

Pray for people to have a true change of heart, not just a change of behavior.  Although we want lawlessness stopped, we want it to be because people have had a heart change.  When people are in love with the Lord, they will want to follow His ways.  Not a behavior change due to fear of consequence, but love for God!  Outward appearances do not necessarily reflect what's in the heart.

Pray for the people of the churches of Waterford to be good ground for the Word of God.  That they hear it, welcome it and bear fruit. Mark 4:20.
  • That satan is prohibited from stealing the Word that is sown in their hearts.  That people value the Word of God and give it priority in their life. They hear it and pay attention and don't forget it or blow it off.   (seed sown by the wayside).
  • That people are willing to change or sacrifice if necessary, making room in their heart, allowing the roots of the Word of God to run deep.  That when faced with a choice, they choose the path of the Word, even if it is the more difficult choice. (seed sown on stony ground).
  • That people willingly give up those things that would distract them from God's Word, keeping them from bearing fruit. (seed sown among thorns).
Pray that the churches of Waterford become like roots for God's Word that bring His Word deep into the hearts of the people.  Roots bring nourishment and provide stability during times of storm and heavy wind.

Pray that the Christians of Waterford have a revelation of God's love for them, and that they respond in love and worship to Him, opening their hearts fully to Him.

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