Saturday, March 2, 2019

Waking Up of the Oil Soaked Wicks

Psalm 46:10 Cease striving and know that I am God.

I've had two different trains of thought that are tied together. First I saw people in the community being really busy in their thoughts. Their thoughts were extremely active to the point where they couldn't hear the Lord or any of the thoughts He was trying to get through to them. There was so much busyness in their minds that they didn't have a minute to just stop and think. It was almost like being ramped up on a stimulant like caffeine.

I saw how important it was for these people to stop striving. To be still, and aware of the presence of God and know that He is God. The people were busy with impulses, reactions, all kinds of thoughts, plans, and distractions. The enemy is trying to fill people's brains with anything to keep them away from being still and contemplating. These people needed to give themselves a minute to think. They need to have some blank time to daydream and open up to the thoughts coming up from their heart so they are not always being directed or dictated to as to what to do.

I could see families waking up, moms planning the day, but in a way that was hectic so they did not have a minute to sit, think, and enjoy. This is the devil's playground--keeping people so busy that they can't hear from the Lord. They are going in a direction that is fruitless, against His will, and even dangerous.

We want to be sure our thoughts, plans, and reactions are from Lord. I saw a lot of reacting going on. Instead of initiating, planning, and thinking from the heart, it was a lot of reacting and putting out fires that are distractions from the enemy. Then there was a breeze from the Lord that blew these 'busy' thoughts out of the way.

Lord, breathe and blow throughout the community. Blow out the rut of negativity, the habits of thought that are not from You. Blow out the negativity and distraction. Instead, blow in Your thoughts so the actions, planning, and thoughts of the people are from You and reveal the direction You want them to go.

With this breeze comes repentance. People will stop and think about the direction their life is going, and what they are spending their time doing. They will think about their priorities. They will say, "I want to repent and turn from this direction and go in another direction." They will have a desire to do things God's way.

Lord, stir up this desire as your thoughts blow into the people. Bring Your breeze that brings stillness. Its not a stormy breeze but it brings a stillness, calmness, peace, and causes people to contemplate, think, prioritize, and repent from ways they shouldn't be going to wanting to do it Your way.
Father, bring this breath and breeze so the people see the beauty of You and Your ways. So they see Your love, Your wisdom, Your life, Your goodness, Your reality, and Your holiness. That these thoughts be brought captive to the obedience of Christ. This truth of thought brings freedom. Our minds are freed by truth. Unblinded minds are freed by truth.

Father God, I pray about these impulses, reactions, programming, dictating, habits, distractions, diversions, and glitches of thought are freed by Your truth. The enemy can no longer blind the minds, fill the minds, or capture the minds, but they are free in Jesus' Name! I pray that Your breeze blows through and brings the revelation, the knowledge, the instruction, and direction You want people to go. Bring the life. I pray that people stop, listen, pause, and contemplate. Contemplate You. That their thoughts are guided towards You. Release Your angelic heavenly host to bring this to pass.

This goes along with the other train of thought which the Lord showed me--a baptism of repentance. These 'still' thoughts that come from the breeze lead people to change their direction and that is what repentance is--going the other way. I saw a baptism of repentance sweeping through southeastern Michigan. I saw a blaze--wicks that were oil soaked wicks. They were God's people. There was an accelerant in the air around them which was the Spirit of God and the Word of God. This breath/breeze that brings the stillness also brings an accelerant and fills the air so when one match is lit it spreads like wildfire throughout the region.

God is filling the atmosphere here with an accelerant by his Spirit and by His Word. The voices of  the enemy--guilt, shame, regret, criticism, and a religious spirit are blown away by the Voice of the Spirit of God. His Spirit and His Word is filling the atmosphere like an accelerant. The enemy knows it and tries to stop it. But he can't if we do what we need to do.

The religious spirit is going from churches. We'll get back to preaching Jesus, repentance, and salvation. Repentance prepares the way for the Lord. It prepares the hearts. Like becoming a new wineskin, we prepare our hearts so we are ready for Him--to be filled with His wine, His oil, His Spirit, His Word. This is the accelerant that fills the atmosphere so when one match is lit it will spread quickly.

I pray for the Christians--the believers, the leaders, the Spirit filled churches--especially the ones who feel they have it all together. They feel settled in. God, light a fire in their hearts so they can set the example. Begin in Your house and Your leaders to get the people out of their false sense of security/peace. Bring the true peace--the breeze that blows off the distracting thoughts. 

On the one hand the enemy brings busyness but on the other hand he tries to lull to sleep--a false peace. He brings thoughts that cause us to be complacent so we settle in and are lulled to sleep. The enemy will try either way--to keep us really busy or give us a false peace--sleep so we're unaware of what is really going on. We have to be able to discern both.

We need to tune in to the Spirit of God and the Word. I feel that this year it is especially important that we read the Word a lot. We need to be the oil soaked wicks that are soaking in oil. We need to be spending time in His presence, listening to His Spirit, and reading the Bible. As we do, our wicks are becoming soaked in the oil and that accelerant is being released into the atmosphere so when He brings the fire and lights the one match it will spread throughout this region. It will burn off what needs to be burned off and light the fire/motivate where we need to be motivated.

Father God we pray that you help us prepare our hearts to be the new wineskins, to be the oil soaked wicks, to get into Your presence and allow this breeze to bring the stillness from You, that we align ourselves and our priorities with You. That we don't give into impulses, programming, habits, or reactions that the enemy wants us to respond to, but that we respond according to Your Word and Spirit. That we're not lulled to sleep but we're not too busy with activity either. We want to be the oil- soaked wicks. We make the choice to soak in You. 

I pray for all of Your people, leaders, believers throughout this region, that You blow this breeze over them so they can still their hearts and listen to You. That they quit striving and know You are God. That they hear Your voice and hear Your Spirit and take the time to let the things go that need to be let go and listen to You. That they soak in the oil and get ready to be lit. Set the blaze afire when the time comes. Do that by Your Spirit and by Your angelic host of heaven. I pray we soften our hearts so we have the insight we need.

In Mark 6:52 it says that the disciples "had not gained any insight from the incident of the loaves, but their hearts were hardened." Jesus had done a miracle of feeding the 5000 and then the disciples went out onto the lake and a storm came up. Jesus came out walking on the water and stilled the storm. They were "utterly astonished." It amazed them so much because they hadn't learned from the miracle of feeding the 5000. The reason they hadn't learned from that was because their hearts were hardened. These were the disciples hearts that were hardened, not the crowd. Its not that they didn't want to believe, they were followers of Him. But it could have been that the fear of the storm hardened their hearts, or it could have been simply because they hadn't had enough time with Jesus yet for their hearts to soften. (Of course we know that eventually they did have softened hearts.)

The point is, we want to make sure that the fear of the storm doesn't cause us to harden our hearts because then we won't be able to gain insight--to hear, understand, and learn what we need to. We also want to be sure we spend enough time with Him, soaking in His presence, soaking our wicks so our hearts are soft.

Father God, I thank You for this word and insight and pray that You continue to give us revelation and understanding of this so we're ready. So when You light the fire in this region, we're ready, Your people are ready, and this blaze spreads throughout the region. I pray in Jesus Name that we stop the competition, the striving, doing things for show, arrogance, pride, false and evil motives. That we have a true heart filled with your Spirit, in sync with You, working in unity of the Spirit, that we release this blaze so it spreads throughout this region bringing revival and the awakening You desire.

The busy people I saw this morning were people waking up and going about their day like it was a robotic, pre-programmed thing. But some were beginning to literally wake up and say, "Wait a minute, is this what I want to spend my time doing? Is this the direction I want to go in my life?" This applied, not just to Christians but to others--those bound by addiction or crime--as well as families and believers. People are beginning to wake up and say, "This is not the direction I want to go with my life!" This awakening is coming as this still breeze comes to the people.

Lord, do it, and help us. We cooperate with You, Your Spirit, Your angelic host of heaven so that this can be done in this region and we can have this awakening and revival, this blaze that You desire to have in southeast Michigan in Jesus' Name, amen.

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