Sunday, May 10, 2015

God's Laws, Not Man's "Fairness"

God's laws make a society work, man's laws do not. God is just, man tries to be fair and it doesn't work. God's Word will accomplish what it is sent to do.
O God, may we be vessels of honor, working with You to accomplish Your will, and not against You!
May Your kingdom come to Waterford! Everything in Your temple says glory! The beauty of nature speaks of Your glory, and of the submission of all creation to Your Word.
Lord, we honor You and Your Word. Teach us Your ways, the ways of justice, righteousness and truth--the ways of Your kingdom. We want Your kingdom--Your rule--in the earth. Your kingdom--the place where God and man dwell together.

Isaiah 55:11; Romans 9:21; Psalm 29; Matthew 6:10; Psalm 148; Revelation 21:3

Re-prayer April 28, May 5 and May 12 2012

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