Thursday, May 28, 2015

A True Change of Heart

Jesus taught us through the parable of the sower that it's the condition of the heart (soil) that affects what happens to the Word of God (seed) when it is heard. (sown). I pray that all people in Waterford, sinner and saint alike:

  • Value the Word of God enough so that when they hear it, they pay attention and seek understanding. (not like seed sown by the wayside).
  • Give the Word room to grow, and when faced with difficult choices--choose the Word, even if its a more difficult path. (not like seed sown in the stony place).
  • Keep their hearts weeded, so the cares and distractions of this world don't choke out the Word and keep them from bearing the fruit that it was sent to produce in their life. (not like seed sown among the thorns). Matthew 13, Mark 4

We want sinners to be born again, and religious people to quit trying to earn their salvation through "good" works. We don't want people to outwardly conform to a set of religious standards, but instead have a true relationship with the Word of God--the Lord Himself. We can't have a church who puts the fear of man--or a desire for acceptance from man--above the fear of God. I pray, like Jesus did for Peter, that the faith of God's people does not fail, so that no matter what comes against us, we will choose Him, His Word and His ways above all. I pray that we remain a true and faithful people for the Lord Jesus Christ. Luke 22:32

Re-prayer May 19, 2012

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