Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Innkeeper's Call

Beginning today, we are going back and reviewing the prayer blogs from when Pray For Waterford Michigan first started on May 23, 2011. I felt that the Lord wanted us to "re-pray" each one of these prayers, adding additional insight from Him as He shows us today.

Initial Prayer included:
  • Waterford being a host to those passing through-hospitality
  • Providing a place of peace, safety, comfort
  • A place of bursting fresh fountains, not stagnant waters
  • Those feeling their position and gifts are not important or not being recognized, possibly leading to feelings of worthlessness or arrogance and attempts at self-promotion
  • Humility being a key
  • Recognizing your value comes from the Lord
I believe the Lord wants to raise up spiritual "innkeepers." These are the ones that will tend to those who have been wounded by the violent and ignored by the religious. The innkeepers have hearts full of compassion and are equipped to bring rest, nourishment and healing.

I feel the Lord wants to establish innkeepers throughout Waterford who are solid anchors of hope. They may seem scattered throughout but in reality are strategically placed. As people pass through, or move in and out of the area, these people have stability and will tend to the wounded until they are healed. 

Everyone is called to be a neighbor, and Jesus Himself is the perfect example of this. Like the good Samaritan, Jesus paid for our healing. However, He calls us all to be neighbors and pay the price of ministering to people, tending to their wounds, carrying them in prayer, and bringing them to those who are specifically equipped for healing if needed, paying whatever the cost until the person is healed. The main characteristic of a neighbor is love and compassion.

Innkeepers might be churches. In fact churches should be "Inn's." However, there might be innkeepers in neighborhoods or places of business. Like the neighbors, innkeepers are full of great love and compassion, and they are equipped for healing. They are the fresh fountains, providing living waters as well as the rest and nourishment needed--an atmosphere and environment that promotes healing and health.

The wounded often feel they are not important or recognized as having any value. They are those who feel their lives are worthless and that they are half dead already. Helping them to see how much the Lord values them, and that He's placed gifts within them, will begin the healing process. Sometimes a wounded person fights, might be defensive and proud, and ends up beat up and wounded. Part of their healing process is for them to see that their gifts are from the Lord and not to be a source of arrogance or self-promotion. Pride and self-promotion are really a persons attempt to see value in themselves when they don't know that the Lord loves them. Rather than getting angry with the proud or self-centered, the neighbors and the innkeepers will be in place to help them heal, once they are in a position to recognize they need help. 

Are you an innkeeper?

Luke 10:25-37

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