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Speaking Chronicles

I and II Chronicles

Here are the "speaking the Bible" summaries for the Chronicles.

1 Chronicles Summaries

The details of David's lineage are given. He was of the tribe of Judah. Saul was of Benjamin. The Korahites from the tribe of Levi were in charge of the sanctuary work. Saul died and David was made king. He captured Jerusalem, and Joab was made commander of the army. David built the stronghold of Zion--the citadel--the city of David. The tabernacle was in Gibeon at that time. David brought the ark from Abinadab's house where it was for 20 years after it returned from the Philistines. He brought it to Jerusalem with much rejoicing. They learned the proper way to carry it according to the Law of Moses. David wanted to build a house for the Lord, but the Lord said Solomon, his son was to build it. The Levite's duties were redefined as they did not have to move the tabernacle any more. David set some as singers to prophecy and praise the Lord, and gatekeepers over the treasures and affairs of Israel.

  • The actions of people affected their bloodline--some for good, some not. Consequences, atonement, repentance could chance some. Honor the bloodline of Jesus you've been given. 
  • Character and calling may both play a part in who is chosen to pass on the blessing and family birthright. Recognize His calling on individuals in the next generation. 
  • Gatekeepers, night-watchers, morning-openers, servers, singers, and overseers of the Lord's sanctuary---rise and take your place amongst God's people in America! Fulfill your place as God has ordained, appointed, commissioned, and called.
  • The appointment of a king is surrounded with warriors to enforce it. Warriors--arise to protect the appointment and re-appointment of God's chosen and anointed leaders. Enforce his positioning. 
  • Just because a commandment is old doesn't mean it is not valid. They are eternal. Timeless. They still contain their power. Search out all of God's commands. 
  • The desire to build a house for God, to honor Him as He deserves, with a permanent place, touches the Lord's heart, and this is place He will build His house--in the generations of those who long to honor Him in their hearts. Those people become His dwelling place, His house. Those willing to sacrifice for Him to give Him a permanent place in our midst. 
  • Prepare. Prepare your children to build a house for the Lord, to honor Him with the best. The very best. Provide them with what they need and prepare them. Instruct them how to prepare their heart.
  • May the leaders of the land recognize the importance of the worshipers and prophets. Arise, with the gatekeepers, guards, and overseers of the treasures, spoils, and affairs of the land. Speak to the leaders. 
  • The governing unit is family based. There are the priests and the army, but a family-based government.
  • Counselors to leadership should be men of understanding, scribes, tutors, friends, advisors, and commanders. Choose them wisely.

2 Chronicles Summaries

Solomon, David's son, became king. He offered 1000 burnt offerings to the Lord and the Lord asked him what he wanted. He asked for wisdom and knowledge to judge God's people. The Lord was pleased and gave him riches, honor and wealth in addition to wisdom. Solomon built the house of the Lord. It took 20 years to build both his house and the Lord's. He prayed for God to hear the prayers prayed towards this house. The ark was moved there and God came. The Lord appeared to Solomon and told him as long as he kept His commands he'd have a son on the throne. He kept Moses's law and David's commands but took the daughter of Pharaoh for a wife, and many wives later on that led his heart away from the Lord. The Queen of Sheba visited and was very impressed with his wisdom and wealth. He made gold shields and a great throne. His son, Rehoboam became king after him. He didn't listen to the elder's advice and ten tribes of Israel were taken from him and given to Jeroboam. Jeroboam made up his own religion so they wouldn't have to go to Jerusalem to worship. Many kings followed in both Israel (the ten tribes) and Judah (the two). Judah was taken captive by Babylon.

  • God has given us broad, wide choices. Choosing what is best for those in our care, rather than selfish choices, pleases God, bringing His blessings. 
  • The lovingkindness of the Lord is everlasting! 
  • If trouble comes, search your heart and repent, turn to Him, honor Him, keep His commands. Pray. He will hear, forgive, heal, and deliver. 
  • Rejoice in Him! 
  • Set your heart to build the Lord's house and your house. The two houses connected--mingled together, becoming one purpose and focus. This will keep your eyes from wandering, your mission clear and your heart pure.
  • The land of your influence and rule will be established. God's love for a people of a land will establish a godly king to rule. 
  • When a nation forsakes the Lord, trusts in other alliances and doesn't keep His commands, then land, treasures, lives, and peace can be lost. But when a nation seeks the Lord, covenants with Him, trusts Him, cleanses the land, and rebuilds the altars, then peace, prosperity, growth, and expansion come. 
  • Remain faithful at all times! 
  • Follow Him and teach the people to do the same. 
  • Be keen enough to recognize false prophets--popular prophets who say what people want to hear. Seek the true word of the Lord. 
  • Place teachers and judges throughout the land. 
  • When the godly influence is gone, a void is created. Bad counsel can spring up. 
  • Let the godly counselors and advisors arise. Prophets and priests arise. Arise and place the leadership. Counsel them. 
  • Listen to the Lord. 
  • Taking trophies of a victory can lead to pride causing foolish actions and challenges, putting yourself in positions and places you're not called to. From that seed springs wickedness and rejection of the Lord's ways. Listen to those who warn you. Don't make idols of trophies. 
  • Respect the positions of king, prophet, and priest. 
  • Let the leaders arise who will restore America--who will catch and disperse the vision for the land. An army on every mountain. 
  • Arise and cleanse the land. Transform the land and people into Your dwelling place! 
  • Prepare offensively, defensively, and strategically for the enemy. Discern what they say, even if they talk your language. 
  • Don't flaunt your treasures. 
  • Seek and heed His word, each generation learning to war.

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