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Speaking Numbers and Deuteronomy

Numbers, Deuteronomy

Here are the "speaking the Bible" summaries for Numbers and Deuteronomy.

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Numbers Summary

  • After God established the laws for Israel, the army was established. The laws and guidelines of God come before strength is to increase.
  • The ark of God which held His presence was set up in the midst of the Levites with the army surrounding. Honor and guard the Lord's presence in your midst. Don't let it be neglected or abused. He is our center--of individuals, leaders and governors. We honor You Lord. We give to You. We worship You. 
  • Remember what He has said, but don't neglect to listen and watch for His movement. Follow Him when He moves.
  • Don't be discouraged by the hard work or the long journey.
  • Don't be afraid of bad reports.
  • Repent. Believe. Remember His Word and promises. Follow Him and His ways.
  • Know your place and position and do it well.
  • Don't rebel or force your way into places that are not yours to take, or lead in.
  • Stay faithful to the Lord through all the hard lessons, detours, and attacks. All will be well. He will provide.
  • Don't fall for corrupt honor. Stay true to what the Lord says.
  • Bless what He blesses and do not curse it.
  • The answer to sin is not more sin. Don't compromise even if surrounded by sin.
  • When you see something that you think needs to be--ask the Lord. Converse with Him. Show respect, but don't be afraid to ask.
  • May the men not be led away by lusts of the flesh and ungodly relationships. 
  • May the women be godly leaders in the home--true to the Lord and His ways.
  • May the prophets and those who speak for God remain true to Him, not turn away or fall into temptation. 
  • Remember our history, our founding and teach it to your children.
  • Remember Jesus and His sacrifice, honor Him and His teachings in all you do.
Deuteronomy Summary
  • We bless Israel for being an example. For showing us how important it is to keep God's commands in order to live and stay in the land He's given to us.
  • Learn Israel's history and learn America's history. Remember it. Teach it to your children and grandchildren.
  • Stop those who distort our history--who attempt to revise and distort the truth of the past.
  • The truth of yesterday and the obedience / action of today makes for a good future.
  • When the Lord blesses and loves a land the wicked will be driven out. The righteous will be allowed in--the righteous who love the Lord and keep His commands.
  • It's not our own goodness or strength that gives us this land. It's keeping the commands of God and His ways.
  • We stand against false gods. 
  • We bring tithes and offerings to the place the Lord chooses to dwell and place His name.
  • We celebrate with the ministers of His house, the widows, orphans, poor, and strangers. 
  • The laws of man are to be established from the laws of God, in submission to God's laws.
  • The land may be conquered little by little so the beasts don't overrun.
  • Remain pure, courageous, trusting God, and kind.
  • Don't mix seed. Don't confuse or distort. 
  • Remain undefiled. Remain pure through generations. 
  • Leave some in the fields for the poor to come gather.
  • Offer to the Lord from what He's blessed you with.
  • Write His commands.
  • Don't think you are the cause of your own blessing, or that there are no consequences to sin.
  • Blessings and curse--directly related to obedience to Him.
  • Thank You Jesus for redeeming us from the curse of the law. That as we believe in You, we receive Your Spirit, and have a way out of sin.
  • We serve the Lord with joy. We read and remember His commands. We sing them and teach them to our children.
  • If you fail, return to Him.
  • Don't take His blessing lightly.
  • Bless your children. They can experience promises you've not yet received.
  • Impart wisdom to your children. Teach them and bless them.

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