Sunday, February 16, 2020

The Southeastern Corridor

Lord, I pray you send some young, zealous preachers of the Gospel to move into the southeastern corridor of Waterford Township. Those who will occupy the land there, and bring a message of hope to the people. That by their presence, they open the heavens and bring your salvation to the neighborhoods. That they disciple the people in the ways of Jesus Christ, setting them free from the chains that have had them bound.

Bring readers and volunteers to Donelson Hills School to breathe a fresh breath of life and hope, laughter and joy to the students and staff. Bring the pastor of Lifepoint to the place he's meant to be in his mission. Let there be no frustration, but a fulfillment of his call, and a fresh joy in it. Let there rise up a man of God who is full of zeal and fresh hope. One with an anointing to break every yoke, and a true love of the people.

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