Saturday, May 26, 2018

After Facing the Wall

When is prophecy changeable and when is it not? It was changeable for the people of Nineveh who repented after Jonah warned them. It was also changeable for Hezekiah. In Isaiah 38 we read about when Isaiah gave Hezekiah a word that he would die. Hezekiah turned his face to the wall and asked the Lord for mercy. The Lord answered and gave him 15 more years. In some cases, words of destruction can be changed as a result of the people's response.

After Hezekiah was healed, the son of the king of Babylon came and visited Hezekiah and he showed him all the treasurers, the armory, everything he owned. After he left Isaiah asked him who those men were and what he showed them. Hezekiah told him they were from Babylon and he showed them everything. Isaiah then gave him a word that everything in his house, everything passed down from his fathers, even some of his sons, would be taken captive into Babylon. Hezekiah knew the word was right, but thought, at least there will be peace and truth in his days.

The point is, after the Lord does something good for us, gives us a gift, heals us, gives us more time, etc., we need to make sure we don't become foolish with the mercy He's given us. We're not to show off our treasures, our strengths, our weaknesses, but to be humble and seek the Lord with what to do with the gift He's given. We need to pray and be sure that we are taking care of the next generation. We don't want to be content with the fact that all is well with us right now in our lifetime, but the next generation will have to fend for themselves.

Father, we repent for anything we've done, any attitudes we've had that have caused us to not behave wisely, especially concerning the good things You've done for us. We seek You to find out what You want us to do with what You give us, with the miracles You do. We don't want to just think about us and our generation. We think long term. We pray for Waterford, that we are not selfish and do things that harm the next generation. We pray that our leaders do not have that attitude of only caring about us right here and now. That we don't do anything that will bring harm to the next generation. Lord, we pray that those in the church, the schools, and our governmental leaders, think ahead and care for the next generation. That we are not selfish or foolish, but humble, appreciative, and wise in what You've entrusted to us and given to us. We take Your miracles seriously. We think ahead and take all the good things You do for us seriously. Show us, enlighten us, stir us up, and reveal these truths to the church leaders, township leaders, educators, and business people. 

When the king of Babylon finally came and invaded God's people, they carried out all the treasures of the Lord's house and the king's house and cut in pieces the vessels of gold of the house of the Lord. They led all of Jerusalem into exile, the captains, the mighty men, the craftsmen, and smiths. Only the poorest people were left. He took all the wealth, the protection, and the skilled people, leaving only the poorest people behind. We don't want to lose these treasures of Waterford You've entrusted to us!

Father, let the treasures of the land be entrusted to those who have Your wisdom and guidance, those who will seek You, and whose heart will honor You. That the treasures of this land, of Waterford, of this community be entrusted to those who will be wise for generations to come. Raise up the people in leadership positions in government, and educators in the schools. Our children are the greatest treasure we have. Raise up leaders in the educational system who will treasure these children for generations to come and will do what is right in Your eyes. Our children are not something we take for granted or show off. We value them!

The next king after Hezekiah, Manasseh, was evil.

Lord, we want those in charge of our children, in the schools and in the homes, to be those who will treasure the babies and children. Raise up and entrust Your children to those who see the value in them and will do them right by You and in Your sight. 

We pray for the skilled, the businesses, those bringing wealth and beauty into the community. We ask that You entrust the skills to those who will be wise. Entrust the treasures and the wealth to those who will be wise with them.

Thank You for revealing this so we can pray, and so Your will will be done in Waterford in this generation and generations to come. That the beauty, the skill, the children, freedom, and life is retained. We want to live in accordance with Your will. Let the church rise up and seek You, not for the purpose of showing off, but sincerely seeking you. Let the church have humility before You. Treasuring that which You treasure. Not showing off, not being foolish, but being wise with what You entrust to us. We pray for all of the church leaders, and all of Your people, that You instill in them a wisdom and value for that which You have given. That we don't flaunt it, but we're wise. We bring it all into alignment with Your will, plan, and purpose.

Thank You for revealing these things so we have direction in our prayers. We speak over the community, leaders, educators, and businesses, to heed the word of the Lord, seek Him concerning what He's given you, seek for insight and wisdom, seek the Lord, turn your face to the wall and receive your miracle, then seek Him for the wisdom and insight to know what to do with the miracle He gives you. Treat it wisely and don't be foolish. Lord, forgive us for being foolish. We want Your wisdom and Your heart so we don't take these things for granted. We release this truth to the community now. 

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