Saturday, March 24, 2018

Joshuas Taking the Land!

We're going on the offense, not just the defense. No longer will the enemy keep us distracted with things that stop us from entering into the land God has called us to. We will move according to the Spirit of God, not with bitterness or anger, but go forward, displace the enemy, and take the land.

Joshua 1

The Lord told Joshua that every place the sole of his foot tread would be his, within the boundaries the Lord gave him. Everything within those boundaries, where Joshua walked, was given to him by God.

Lord, help us identify the boundaries You have given us. We want to see the land. Where are You wanting to move into right now? Which places are you desiring Your people to move into and possess? We declare that the people of God in this township are moving into those places, taking possession of the land--businesses, churches, government, schools, recreational, families etc. Go take the land. Move in and establish yourself in the places God has called you to! Walk in the land. Walk into the place you were given by God.

Lord, You are with us wherever we go. Into this place we are walking into. Show us the places we are to walk into. We will follow You. Show us what is on Your heart right now.

We learn this from Joshua:

  • Joshua heard from God. He heard him say "Go" and God outlined the boundaries.
  • He commanded the officers to prepare provisions.
  • He told the Reubenites, who already had their land, that they were to cross over and fight with their brothers and help them possess their land.
  • He sent out the spies to spy out the land--they were helped by Rahab.
  • He told them not to go until the ark moved.
  • He told them to consecrate themselves.

Prepare to take the land. To fight with our brothers. We won't be resting until everyone enters in. We labor to enter into the rest. (Heb 4:11). We spy out the land, and ask You Lord to show us the place we are going--where You are moving towards. We consecrate ourselves and will not move until You do. We stay close to You so we can hear and see Your movement.

No longer will we have people of God, churches, only interested in drawing attention to themselves, comparing themselves and striving against other believers. Everyone is to help each other enter into the Promised Land. We want the best for each other. Once we reach the Promised Land--our field in it--we will not ignore our brothers and sisters who need help, but we will help them reach their portion too. We are not in competition with other believers. We want everyone to fulfill all God has for them. We don't feel threatened or arrogant.

People of God, rise up and move into the places God is leading you--the schools, the courts, the police and fire departments, the businesses, etc. Build His kingdom within these places. We listen to the report of the spies. Those who have gone and seen what He has promised us. We prepare our provisions. We consecrate ourselves to follow You Lord, by Your Spirit. We watch for Your movement.

We follow Your Word. We keep it in our heart and mouth. Lord, send a hunger for the Word. People, open your Bibles and fall in love with the Word. Be drawn to the Word. Lord, guide them to the Scriptures and reveal Yourself to them so they prosper in what You have called them to.

Raise up the new generation of leaders Lord! Raise up the Joshuas who will be strong and courageous and bring the people into Your Promised Land. Raise the Joshuas who are dedicated to You, passionate for You.

The sheep hear the voice of the shepherd. True sheep will hear the true Voice of the Shepherd through the leaders. They will hear the Lord speaking through the Joshuas. They will feel His love and compassion through these leaders. Be with these leaders, as You have been with others in the past. Let these leaders remain in Your presence. Love Your presence and Your Word. So You are with them always and they will never lead the people astray. They will pray and intercede for the people. These are humble, sanctified leaders. Raise up these Joshuas and speak to them, giving them the vision and provision, leading them into all the places You desire to move into.

Raise up Joshuas and people to follow them in Businesses, Government, Schools, Courthouses, Recreational areas, the college, the airport, Churches, Media, and Families. Send teams of people into these areas to occupy the land, follow You, and carry Your presence.

May the true, sincere praises of God rise from Waterford Township. Rise to the heavens. And words of life be spoken over the township. Words of light overcome the words of darkness. Words of light drive out the darkness. We speak life, vibrant life, over Waterford. God's life and Spirit are moving.

Lord, bring us to a place of rest in You. In Your promise. Your Promised Land. We labor, we work to enter into that rest, not to build anything else but this place of resting in You.

We don't pick up any idols or false gods, false teaching, or false religion that may have gone before us in this land. We repent of all of these things on behalf of the generations who have gone before us. Let the blood of Jesus speak on our behalf and wash over the township, washing false religion and idolatry out of the land.

Thank You for raising the Joshuas and the teams of people. For showing them their fields, the vision, and the provision. For their sanctification, their obedience to You and Your Word and following You into their fields. That others see them resting in You, and it brings salvation, healing, deliverance and all the work of the kingdom. So all those around them see, hear and feel Your goodness. That Your kingdom multiplies and grows as a result of this.

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