Saturday, February 24, 2018

Encouragement for the Prophets

I felt like the Lord wants to encourage His prophets. As I've said before, we need them to prophesy to bring strength and encouragement to the church in the area. In areas where the church needs to be restored and rebuilt, the Word of the Lord through His prophets will bring what's needed to complete the restoration.

I saw three levels of prophetic people. First are those who are called to the prophetic and don't know it. They don't understand anything about the gift of prophecy. They may not even be Christian yet. God is calling these people into an awareness and an awakening, into their call and the things of the Spirit of God. We say, "Come into an awareness, come into a place of understanding and teaching, and fulfill your destiny in the Lord!" They might not understand their gift, why they see things differently or seem odd to others. Lord, we pray for healing and understanding to come so they understand their call.

The next group are those who are used in the prophetic occasionally, but limited in their understanding of the prophetic. They accept it and believe in it, but need to grow and mature in their gift. Lord, bring them to a place of expansion, growth and maturity. Bring them into encounters with You, a place of intimacy with You, so they will see what You reveal to them and prophesy it. Let them arise to a greater level and depth of what You've called them to. We say to them, "Awake, arise, grow and develop in your prophetic gifting!"

The third group are those who are used in the prophetic, but still called to a greater depth. Lord, bring them to the greater depths. Bring them out of complacency. We say to these prophets, "Pursue a greater intimacy. Remain faithful, pure in heart, and come into the deeper places." Lord, give them discernment so they are aware of the attacks of the enemy, and deal with them. We pray that they stay true to godly character and the purity of heart that is necessary for them to release Your words. 

Prophets will need to encourage and strengthen each other. Not compete, take offense, or be envious. The enemy wants to keep the prophets divided, separated, envious, and competitive. There is power when prophetic people come together. The enemy wants to keep them apart, but we tear these walls down in the Name of Jesus. We ask for the Spirit of God to freely flow among the company of prophets, that they have unity of heart, and the love & character of God strongly developed in their lives. That they speak words of life, not death.

We speak the Word of God over Waterford, to create what He wants created here. I pray the prophets come up into this place and speak creative words of life. That they come to full maturity and awareness, intimacy, and the character of God. That they value the prophetic gift and understand the importance of it. I felt that some people have not understood the prophetic gift. That they feel it's not important, that its an optional thing. That its fun when it happens, but not really necessary. But it's not a luxury gift, its a necessary gift. It's required to build the church. Just as we need the apostles, pastors, teachers, and evangelists, we need the prophets and prophetic words to build and restore the church. Lord we choose to recognize the value of this gift for our homes, lives, churches, and community. 

Father, forgive us for taking Your gift lightly. For not realizing the value and importance of it. We recognize the value it has. We won't neglect it or take it for granted any longer. We thank You for it, and we ask for more of it. We ask for You to lead Your prophets into maturity so they receive the instruction, understanding, awakening, and awareness they need to fulfill what You want to accomplish in this region. We stand against the enemy who would try and obstruct the prophetic word in this region. God's Word will not return void. Let the Spirit of God flow!

We declare Isaiah 51:16 over Waterford:

God has placed His words in the mouth of His prophets and covered them with the shadow of His hand. God, who set the heavens in place and laid the foundations of the earth did so through His Word. This same Word is what we speak to lay foundations in Waterford which His church will be built, rebuilt, and restored on. The Word of the Lord is in the mouth of His prophets, they are drawing themselves into intimacy with Him, receiving and proclaiming His words over this land, church, schools, families, government, businesses etc. creating what He desires to be in this area. Thank You Father for moving and stirring in this region.

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