Saturday, November 9, 2013

November 9, 2013 --Tend to His Garden

Prayer focus for November 9-15, 2013
This week's church prayer is for
Trinity United Methodist Church
6440 Maceday Dr.

 In the Garden of Eden before the fall man tended to the garden of God. God created, man cultivated. Through this partnership, the glory of God’s creation continued to be explored, discovered, enhanced and revealed. All could see just how magnificent God really is. I pray God’s people partner with Him in cultivating the garden of Waterford.

Let the beautiful seeds, the potential, of Waterford be tended to by God’s people and brought to their fullest potential. Let Waterford become a place of worship. A place of rest for the Lord. Let the people discover their unique gifts and purpose in life, their individual expression of worship. Breathe your breath of life into the nostrils of Waterford O God so we become living souls that tend to Your garden, declare Your glory and reveal Your grandeur. Blow with the breathe of the Spirit upon Waterford. Speak Your words of life and truth. Let all of Waterford—the land and the lives, the young and the old—hear and obey the sound of Your voice.  Let it happen not just in the churches, but in homes, businesses, parks and in the streets. Let the sound of worship rise! A safe place, a birthplace of worship.

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