Saturday, September 28, 2013

September 28, 2013 - He speaks

Prayer focus for September 21-28, 2013 
This weeks prayer focus is for
St. Perpetuas Church
134 Airport Rd.

Waterford, rise up and worship your King. Rejoice and declare all His goodness and greatness. Then, listen for His voice. Look for His languages for He speaks in many ways.

He speaks in words.
He speaks in sunrises and sunsets.
He speaks through birds, brooks and streams.
He speaks through the smells of families sharing a meal.
He speaks through the large trees and boulders.
He speaks through the small pebbles and flowers.
He speaks through the seed that is planted in the ground and dies
so that it will grow and comes to maturity.
He speaks through laughter in the voices of children.
Open your heart and hear, see , taste, smell and touch the voice of God.
He is right here waiting for you.

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