Saturday, June 8, 2013

June 8, 2013 - Prophesy of the Land

Prayer focus for June 8-14, 2013
This week's church prayer is for:
Hope Community Church
1240 Jay Street
Lord I pray Your people take the time to stop and listen for Your Holy Spirit.  That they stop their own plans and thoughts and works and wait to hear from You to discover Your plans and thoughts.  I pray we don't just blindly follow what looks to be good and right, but that we stop, wait, listen and hear from You.
In Ezekiel 36, the Lord had Ezekiel prophesy to the mountains, hills, ravines and valleys.  The land had become wasted and desolate and overtaken by Israel's enemies because God's people had forsaken Him.  
But the Lord told Ezekiel to speak to the land and say it would bear fruit for His people who were soon to return to the land. He said His people would inhabit the cities once again.  People and animal would increase and be fruitful.  God's people would walk on the land and possess it and it would become their inheritance.
Lord let the land of Waterford be at peace, calm, still and quiet.  Let the peace rise up from the land and calm the people.  Let the infrastructure be safe and secure. Let the use of the land bring honor to the King of kings.  Let there be peace in and on the waters.  Let the walls of safety and security be rebuilt.  Let the building and planning departments have Your wisdom and understanding.
Let all of Your people return to You in their hearts.  The heartland of America is turning to Jesus!


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